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It all depends on the type of part-time real estate agent you want to be. For example, Keller Williams is perhaps the best real estate company to work for part-time because it succeeds in the important areas for agents. In addition, it has a competitive pay plan and dedication to building a culture of success, including focusing on women in leadership. Let’s discuss the best real estate company to work for part-time.

In this way, they develop long-term connections with their agents, providing an excellent corporate culture. In addition, agents at all levels can benefit from training. Finally, everyone benefits from commissions and profit-sharing money.

So, Keller Williams’s agents receive money in two ways: commissions on the purchase or sale of real estate. But, on the other hand, they use a scheme called profit sharing, recruitment and retention plan, from which you can earn extra money.

However, there is no leeway in commission distributions for high-performing agents. Also, it is exhausting to focus solely on recruiting, and some markets have a monthly fee. However, there are other companies out there that offer great things.

So, we deserve to look better at which companies are the ones that you can perform better as a real estate agent:

Best Real Estate firms of 2021

BrokerageThey suit better For
Keller Williams(Excellent Overall) Agents at all points of their job
RE/MAXHigh-performing professional agents
eXp RealtyPart-time agents
Coldwell BankerNew agents
Century 21Agents who desire to achieve more milestones

Best Real Estate Company to Work for Part-Time

Best Real Estate Company to Work for Part-Time

Almost everyone has a dream that they would like to live out. If you are one of the people who are ready to leap into real estate, here are some of the best places to work part-time while you find your footing.

Keller Williams Realty Keller Williams 

It is rapidly expanding across the country and currently only requires 20 hours/week at their earliest stages of employment. With this little time requirement, it offers an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to get their feet wet in real estate without sacrificing much time or money. You can even earn $1000 by referring other people looking for work with them!

21 Home Place 

This company is much newer than the last but is doing extremely well in the areas that it covers. This company pays you to take classes and learn about real estate until you can start selling homes on your own. It starts at $14/hour but will rise quickly.

McEnearney Associates 

This company focuses its work around luxury properties, making this a great fit for anyone looking to be part of high-end homes or condos. They require 20 hours/week and offer generous bonuses if you sell properties within 6 months of employment with them!

Realty Executives Today 

This company currently has an opening for someone interested in “jumping right in,” meaning they will provide you with all of the training and tools needed to begin selling homes on your own. They do require 40 hours/month, but it will be worth it!

Realty Executives International 

This company requires 30 hours/week at its earliest stages but is one of the best places to work part-time because they provide ample support for anyone who wishes to build a career in real estate. This includes advertising, marketing materials, office space, and much more.

Part-time Work Basics

Getting your real estate license and working part-time is one of the lucrative jobs that can generate thousands of dollars per transaction. But, like any side business, part-time real estate practice requires time, patience, creativity, and effort.

Fortunately for part-time real estate agents, they can and should have the support and guidance provided by their brokers. Thus, helping them run their business better, especially if they choose to work with part-time agents with the best real estate brokerage.

The requirements of a part-time agent vary greatly from those of a full-time agent. 

While a full-time agent; may consider generating a large volume of leads as the essential elements of a real estate agency. On the other hand, part-time agents consider geographic and full-time flexibility to be the most desirable attribute. These are some of the qualities an agent may look for in the best real estate agency for part-time agents:

  • Complete freedom in terms of time and location.
  • Live and recorded training is available, as well as support staff and broker. Agent costs are reduced.
  • High, agent-focused dividends.
  • Large-scale concierge services
  • Collaboration and mentoring with other agents
  • Ability to generate multiple sources of income and wealth over the long term

For Proven High-Performing Agents: RE/MAX

RE/MAX is a great place for high-performing, experienced agents to grow their business. While they provide resources, training, and mentoring to agents at all stages of their careers, the RE/MAX system is designed to benefit the top-performing agents in a market.

The RE/MAX culture is based on success and leadership in the areas they serve. According to Real Trends, 55 of the top 200 agents in 2021; are RE/MAX agents based on transactions. It is a brand linked to performance, especially among people who know the industry.

What Else does this Company Have?

It has commission flexibility for top-performing agents. However, it does not have a brand-wide policy on splits, desk commissions, and caps; these decisions are made locally.

On the other hand, it typically charges a monthly desk fee, has little training for new agents, and has specific limitations on the use of the brand.

RE/MAX gives agents many options as to how to earn their commissions. So, with a split range of up to 95 percent, experienced agents with a proven track record can receive more on the front end of each commission thus, using this money for time-sensitive needs such as marketing and promotion.

Higher office costs often accompany your larger deals. However, the higher office commissions are worth it to advance other parts of your business.

What do you need to become a Part-time Real Estate Agent?

Part-time real estate agents; must meet the same requirements as full-time. Although state regulations vary, you will almost always be required to:

  • Comply with your state’s licensing regulations.
  • Take real estate pre-licensing courses.
  • Pass your state’s real estate licensing exam.
  • Submit a real estate license application.
  • Create a real estate marketing plan.
  • Create a network of contacts and referrals for you.

We recommend that you work under the supervision of a registered broker to gain experience and knowledge of the industry. This way, you will have access to mentoring, training, office tools, and marketing materials you need to be successful.

Best one for New Agents: Coldwell Banker

Best one for New Agents: Coldwell Banker

Because of its ongoing dedication to training and mentoring new agents, Coldwell Banker has become the best real estate brand for new agents. Their dedication is seen in their high-level training materials and their continued support and funding of their franchisees to drive professional growth successfully. In addition, their commitment to agent development makes them an excellent choice for a new agent.

Coldwell Banker, a well-known and enduring brand, offers excellent new agent onboarding programs and conducts timely company-wide events and conferences. On the other hand, there are few internal lead generation alternatives, few company-wide incentives for teams, and some offices may charge a fee to use their desk.

Coldwell Banker’s commissions and fees are reasonable but not outstanding. Consider the following factors when selecting Coldwell Banker as a real estate firm to work for:

There is no company policy on maximum, split, or desk commissions; these are handled on an agent-by-agent basis at the local level. However, even when the maximum is reached, the franchise fee is universally 8% per commission.

They embody the customer-centric principle; through what they call the “Big Blue Culture,” which is characterized as a “constant pursuit of the best possible customer experience.” This type of customer-centric emphasis is ideal for novice agents who are still learning the ins and outs of engagement, sales, and best practices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to be a part-time real estate agent?

Yes, you can work as a real estate agent (part-time). They can work as many or as few hours as they want, making this a nearly ideal career for someone looking for a flexible, part-time job with high earning potential.

Does Keller Williams accept part-time agents?

Yes, it does accept part-time agents, although it is unlikely that a part-time real estate agent will be as successful as a full-time agent. Still, it is not impossible. For example, the annual salary for a Keller Williams real estate agent in the United States is about $90,052, comparable to the national average.

Do part-time real estate agents make money?

Agents who work fewer than 20 hours per week earn an average of $24,566 per year, while those who work 21 to 40 hours per week earn $46,458 per year. In addition; A real estate agent does not receive a salary. Whether you work part-time or full-time, all of your income is based on commissions generated.

Is it difficult to be a part-time real estate agent?

Some part-time agents only work in their immediate catchment area. Consequently, individuals can have a full-time job while maintaining their real estate license.

Is it possible to be a real estate agent as a side job?

Yes, and you can do it also if you already have a full-time job. So, there are ways to supplement your income with a salesperson’s license. Especially if you work part-time as a real estate agent, it’s one of the best side jobs you can do.

Bottom Line

We have all the information we need to answer the question; what is the best real estate company to work for part-time. The content in this material will dispel doubts and clarify ideas about the subject, becoming the guide to achieving your goals. 

In addition, it will provide different options to consider depending on your knowledge and experience in the real estate field and the considerations and basic aspects that you should take at the time of entering this area. You are no longer alone in this path, where you will accomplish your goals with conviction in a successful way.

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