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Not all states offer the same opportunities for employees, and real estate agent careers are no exception. In fact, according to our analysis, Pennsylvania is the best state to be a real estate agent, while Hawaii is the worst. Lincoln, California, is the best city in the United States. In Pennsylvania, the common salary is $96,244, while in Hawaii, it is $50,241. Let’s explore the best states to be a real estate agent.

10 Best U.S. States for Real Estate Agents

Best States to be a Real Estate Agent
  • Pennsylvania (1,743 real estate agent job openings).
  • Montana (157 real estate agent jobs).
  • Missouri (864 realtor Jobs)
  • Idaho (179 realtor Jobs)
  • South Dakota (101 Real Estate Agent Jobs)
  • Colorado (663 Real Estate Agent Jobs)
  • Alabama (606 Real Estate Agent Jobs)
  • New York is a city in the United States (1,506 Real Estate Agent Jobs)
  • North Dakota (101 Real Estate Agent Jobs)
  • West Virginia (92 Real Estate Agent Jobs)

To provide you with the best states for real estate agents, we have determined that they must have a large number of job openings, as well as an excellent salary and promising career prospects. We used our recent data to calculate the above criteria. 

Best States in the United States for Real Estate Agents to Find Work

The up-and-coming markets in the Southeast and Southwest will be the most promising (Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Austin, etc.). As companies diversify their workforces and talent pools, these cities are well-positioned to receive corporate and population relocations from the large coastal markets. This migration pattern will drive real estate demand and employment opportunities. 

Realtors’ favorite cities

To put our career in the context of where we live, the number of jobs, average salary, cost of living, and location quotient matters. We’ve compiled the best areas for real estate agents to call home by applying those four characteristics to cities across the United States. It’s up to them whether they buy or rent there.

Virginia Beach, Va. No. 1 on the list

Top 25 rankings in the number of jobs (16th), location quotient (20th), and median salary have propelled the large southeastern Virginia City to the top of the list (22nd). Although living in Virginia Beach is 6% more expensive than in the typical U.S. city, a statistic we attribute to the city’s touristy coastline, which welcomes six million visitors a year. 

West Palm Beach, Florida, is the second-most populous city in the United States.

West Palm Beach, the only other city with a score below 50, came in second because its metropolitan statistical region has 2,060 jobs in the field, the 15th highest total in the country, but still pales in comparison to the nation’s largest cities, such as Atlanta, Ga. (5,900) and Houston, Texas (5,700). 

Austin, Texas, ranks third on the list.

The most populous of the top five cities, Austin is also a very affordable place to live: it is 2% cheaper than the typical U.S. metropolis. In addition, Texas’ most creative city pays its real estate sales agents the 18th highest salary in the country, $69,380, or 43% more than the national average. However, it is worth noting that Austin residents pay considerably more in real estate taxes ($3,999 on average) regardless of whether they have a mortgage.

City of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale, the second Florida metropolitan statistical region to appear on the list, ranked 14th for both the number of real estates agent jobs (2,620) and the location quotient (2.96), which measures the relative demand for an agent’s services. The median single-family home price in Florida City increased 31% between 2012 and 2014. 

Wilmington, North Carolina, ranks fifth.

Wilmington finishes our top five, narrowly edging out Fort Lauderdale with a score of 65, which was 76 percent lower, and therefore better, than the study median. This increase could be attributed to Wilmington’s real estate professionals.

They earn a median annual compensation of $70,430, the 15th highest in the country. Wilmington did not rank well in our “Best Cities for Young Families” survey regarding the percentage of its residents (36) who spend 40% or more of their income on rent.

Top 10 Highest-Earning States for Real Estate Agents

State Median annual salary in 2017

  • New York, $102,310.
  • Texas (2nd) ($72,480) 3.
  • Hawaii (3rd) $72,470
  • Alaska is worth $71,030.
  • Rhode Island $70,450.
  • California ranks 6th with a total of $68,860.
  • Pennsylvania (7th) $66,550.
  • $84,500 in Wyoming
  • $9,290 in Virginia
  • Colorado (10th place) received $63,320.

10 States with the Lowest Incomes for Real Estate Agents

The following is a list of the ten states where real estate agents earn the least money:

State Median annual salary

  • Ohio ($41,650)
  • Arkansas ($41,660)
  • $32,010 (Montana)
  • $43,230 in Indiana
  • West Virginia, No. 5 ($45,220)
  • Connecticut has six counties. $45,230.
  • Tennessee, ($45,960)
  • Georgia, ($46,220)
  • Nebraska, ($46,340)
  • Kansas #10 ($46,640)

The South and Midwest cover this list, with the Northeast represented by just one state.

In each state, how much do realtors make?

How much do real estate agents earn in each state

In only one year, realtor professionals in seven states increased their revenue by more than 10%:

  • The median yearly income of a realtor in Arkansas has increased by 21.8%.
  • A real estate agent’s typical yearly salary in Utah has increased by 17.5 percent.
  • The typical yearly salary of real estate brokers in Pennsylvania has climbed by 14.5 percent.
  • In Kentucky, the median yearly salary of a realtor has climbed by 14%.
  • In Mississippi, the median yearly income for real estate brokers has climbed by 13.8 percent.
  • A realty agent’s median yearly salary in Texas has climbed by 13.1 percent.
  • The median yearly salary for real estate brokers in Oregon has risen by 10.9 percent.

In only one year, realtor professionals in seven states had revenue gains of greater than 10%:

  • In Arkansas, real estate brokers’ median yearly salary increased by 21.8 percent.
  • Pennsylvania real estate brokers’ average yearly earnings increased by 14.5 percent.
  • The median yearly earnings of realtors in Kentucky have increased by 14%.
  • Mississippi’s typical yearly salary for real estate brokers increased by 13.8 percent.
  • A 13.1 percent rise in the median yearly salary of real estate brokers in Texas.
  • Oregon’s typical yearly salary for real estate brokers increased by 10.9 percent.

Table 50 States how much Real Estate Sales Agents earn on Average per year

Alabama $55,960 $58,700 $61,130 -4.70% -8.50%Alaska $71.030 $68.040 $64.060 4,40% 10,90%Arizona $62.690 $70.050 $54.900 -10,50% 14,20%Arkansas $41.660 $34.190 $35.270 21,80% 18,10%California $68,860 $65,790 $62,330 4.70% 10.50%
Colorado $63.320 $72.480 $76.590 -12,60% -17,30%Connecticut 45.230 $46.120 $50.070 -1,90% -9,70%Delaware $46.670 $47.660 $52.460 -2,10% -11,00%Florida $57.520 $58.980 $54.090 -2,50% 6,30%Georgia $46.220 $44.780 $45.620 3,20% 1,30%
Hawái $72.470 $85.110 $83.620 -14,90% -13,30%Idaho $55.790 $57.800 $47.160 -3,50% 18,30%Illinois $59.010 $59.150 $76.800 -0,20% -23,20%Indiana $43.230 $61.880 $65.350 -30,10% -33,80%Iowa $49.900 $46.520 $42.810 7,30% 16,60%
Kansas 46.640 dólares 63.640 dólares 64.850 dólares -26,70% -28,10%.Kentucky 47.220 $41.410 $39.100 14,00% 20,80%Luisiana $54.100 $51.410 $41.660 5,20% 29,90%Maine $60.220 $69.210 $43.850 -13,00% 37,30%Maryland $57.470 $59.980 $51.110 -4,20% 12,40%
Massachusetts $61.670 $66.430 $78.760 -7,20% -21,70%Michigan $46.880 $43.620 $42.760 7,50% 9,60%Minnesota 48.250 $49.460 $51.300 -2,40% -5,90%Mississippi $50,110 $44,020 $38,140 13.80% 31.40%Missouri $50,400 $54,060 $53,360 -6.80% -5.50%
Montana $42.010 $45.560 $52.850 -7,80% -20,50%Nebraska $46.340 $48.110 $42.060 -3,70% 10,20%Nevada $59.240 $61.570 $61.850 -3,80% -4,20%New Hampshire $48.530 $49.670 $43.150 -2,30% 12,50%Nueva Jersey $58.690 $61.860 $59.610 -5,10% -1,50%
Nuevo México $53.240 $60.440 $58.170 -11,90% -8,50%Nueva York $102.310 $103.490 $100.090 -1,10% 2,20%Carolina del Norte $61.580 $62.070 $59.860 -0,80% 2,90%Dakota del Norte $57.060 $53.200 $51.140 7,30% 11,60%Ohio $41.650 $39.900 $38.700 4,40% 7,60%
Oklahoma $49.380 $55.150 $56.370 -10,50% -12,40%Oregón 55.500 dólares 50.040 dólares 42.050 dólares 10,90% 32,00%Pensilvania $66.550 $58.130 $57.970 14,50% 14,80%Rhode Island $70.450 n/a $46.310 n/a 52.1%Carolina del Sur $52,070 $50,700 $43,410 2.70% 19.90%
Dakota del Sur 57.110 dólares 57.150 dólares 55.810 dólares -0,10% 2,30%.Tennessee $45.960 $46.370 $43.080 -0,90% 6,70%Texas $72.480 $64.070 $68.410 13,10% 5,90%Utah $62.050 $52.830 $50.050 17,50% 24,00%Vermont $47.990 $56.770 n/a -15,5% n/a
Virginia $64.290 $62.910 $62.240 2,20% 3,30%Washington $59.590 $58.100 $53.640 2,60% 11,10%Virginia Occidental $45.220 $53.860 $44.920 -16,00% 0,70%Wisconsin $54.820 $53.640 $54.440 2,20% 0,70%Wyoming $64.500 $81.920 $72.660 -21,30% -11,20%

For two years, seven states saw real estate agent revenues increase by 20%. These states were:

  • Rhode Island, average annual real estate agent income: up 52.1%.
  • Maine, median annual income of real estate agents: up 37.3%.
  • Oregon, median annual earnings of real estate agents: 32% increase.
  • Mississippi, average annual earnings of real estate agents: up 31.4%.
  • Louisiana, real estate agents’ average annual earnings: 29.9% increase.
  • Utah, median annual income for real estate agents: 24% increase.
  • Kentucky, median annual income for real estate agents: 20.8% increase 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my income in real estate?

  • Long-term residential rentals are available.
  • Rental options.
  • Flipping houses is a popular way to make money.
  • Contract flipping is a type of real estate investment that involves the sale of a contract.
  • Short sales are when a property sells quickly.
  • Vacation rentals.
  • Hard money lending is a term that refers to a type of lending that is made with
  • Property for sale in the commercial sector.

What is the average salary of a real estate agent in the United States?

Real estate agents used to earn a median salary of $42,183 in the not-too-distant past. However, it is worth noting that their salary ranges from $41,208 to $53,656, the latter being the most common.

Why do you want to work as a real estate agent?

Working as a real estate agent allows you to gain a diverse set of experiences. You will not be doing the same thing with different clients and homes every day. You’ll get to meet and work with a diverse range of people, be your boss, and have the satisfaction of assisting buyers and sellers through one of life’s most significant milestones.

What distinguishes a state as one of the best?

There are some significant factors that rental property investors use to determine which states are the best:

  • Property prices are rising, and market values have historically increased.
  • Investing in a low-cost rental property can help keep your cash flow strong, and your equity is expanding, allowing you to make more money over the long term.
  • Demand for housing is continuous and predictable due to population expansion.
  • Residents and businesses are incentivized to prefer one state over another due to job growth and job gains.
  • High rental occupancy rates indicate how much of a market’s housing supply is vacant.
  • Due to considerations such as housing affordability and lifestyle choices to rent rather than own and the potential for future expansion, a growing share of renter-occupied households indicates how attractive a housing market is to renters.
  • States with low property taxes help keep living costs low and high net cash flow from investment properties.

In each state, are there different types of agents and brokers?

Each state has its licensing structure for real estate agents and brokers. To be an active licensee, a real estate salesperson must work under the supervision of a real estate broker. Some states refer to brokers and salespersons by various titles, such as Colorado, which refers to new agents as associate brokers and employed brokers or independent brokers.

Bottom line

According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate professionals’ incomes increased last year. They earned a median gross income of $49,700 in 2019, up from $41,800 in 2018. Those with more than 16 years of experience, on the other hand, earned nearly twice as much, with a median gross income of $86,500.

Real estate agents and brokers, on the other hand, earn significantly more in some states. recently evaluated salary information for real estate agents and brokers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics data to look at state-level data. They found that the median salary for real estate agents and brokers varies widely from state to state.

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