Can you Take Real Estate Classes at age 17 | Full Process Explained

Can you take real estate classes at age 17? Yes, to obtain a real estate license at age 17, you must first complete the Real Estate Law curriculum. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the United States provides a real estate law curriculum.

As a result, the US Office of Housing provides over 400 online courses that you may take from the comfort of your own home. These; are offered at several institutions and universities across the country.

The goal of real estate licensing at seventeen is to assist in the promotion of property. It is also intended to help the individual market themselves and others in the business. The course’s primary focus is to help students gain the respect of others in the business and the skills necessary to be successful in this field.

The first thing you should know: Forgetting a real estate license, most states require you to be at least 18 years old. You may be eligible to take the real estate course and test through this department before reaching the age of majority. This way, a young person can pursue their goal of owning and operating their own real estate company with the proper support and direction.

Considerations and Aspects of Participating in Real Estate Education at age 17

Can you Take Real Estate Classes at age 17

When looking for an online school, a person should first choose the curriculum that best suits their needs; to become licensed by taking real estate classes at 17. Some real estate programs will be limited to certain areas of study, while others will cover a wide range of subjects. Therefore, one must become familiar with the field; before enrolling in a degree program.

When a person enrolls in a real estate program, they will first learn to become a licensed real estate agent. They will also be instructed on the procedures and criteria for licensure.

What about the Real Estate License for Educating People?

To obtain the real estate agent license, the person must also pass a series of real estate industry tests. After completing the course, the candidate must pass a comprehensive examination to obtain the real estate agent license.

Realtor license exams are multiple-choice tests in which the candidate must answer a series of questions on real estate-related topics. Candidates should understand that the real estate licensing exam requires a thorough understanding of all legal terms and criteria.

There are several online courses available on the market, and they can help you find the right learning program that fits your goals. If you find an appropriate course for your needs, you will obtain your real estate license at seventeen.

When looking for the best real estate course, people should remember that many are available on the Internet. Thus, if you cannot attend the course in person, you will take the classes online. They should also know that some include a CD-ROM that they can use while studying.

There are now several options; to take advantage of the many training programs provided by various real estate companies. The company will be able to help them find a real estate franchise; that fits their needs. In this way, they will have the opportunity to network with seventeen-year-olds looking to obtain a real estate license.

This is better if you start real estate classes now

When you are young, you have plenty of time to devote to work; on the contrary, when you are older, you have commitments to family, friends, and life in general. As a young agent, you have time to devote to your clients and, therefore, achieve better results than many older agents who no longer have free time.

Being a young agent does not have to be an impediment. Some clients may believe you are unskilled because you are young. However, if you are confident and competent, you can show them that you know what you are doing, and they may not think your age is an issue.

The tough elements of being young are only difficult if you perceive them to be so, which affects your confidence and how you interact with others.

Practical Ideas for Young Real Estate Agents Working in the Industry

  • Help another real estate agent as an assistant; you may not know what to do as a newcomer to real estate. There may be a learning curve to overcome. Therefore, having a mentor would be an essential first step.
  • You may be assigned jobs that are on the back burner. For example, social media marketing, e-newsletter distribution, appointment confirmation, open house preparation, and even property staging.
  • Working with a good mentor allows you to observe and understand how they do business. These lessons will be a great tool in the future as you develop your practice.

More ideas about real estate classes

  • Collaborate with experienced agents: even if you have the skills and experience to handle real estate transactions, some clients may not be ready to offer you a confident “yes.” Therefore, bringing another experienced agent into the transaction may be a wise decision. Even if you have to split the sales commission, having a share of anything is always preferable to having none at all.
  • Focus on rentals; many real estate salespeople prioritize closing sales over rental agreements. This is because the commission is high on a sale and purchase transaction. Some veteran agents don’t want to handle these deals and refer them to others. So now you have the opportunity to manage some rental companies.
  • In addition, young tenants may prefer to work with agents their age. Some feel it is easier to communicate with you, and you may know their needs better. 
  • It would be best if you thought about catering to student renters. They may suggest other fellow students to you if any of them become your clientele. In the long run, they will need to move to another property when they graduate. This can be a great source of sales leads in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the 17 real estate exam?

To get a real estate license, you must have a high school certificate or GED, pass a background check, and be at least 18 years old. You can take the exam if you are 17, but the license will not be active until 18.

What is the minimum age to become a real estate agent?

In most places in the United States, the minimum age to practice real estate without limitations is 18.

What is the age of most real estate agents?

The median age of all agents is 52, and 65% of all agents are female. In 2020, most were working 35 hours a week.

How can I start a career in real estate?

Here are the steps you need to take to start your real estate career:

  • Examine your state’s regulations.
  • You are required to take a real estate pre-licensing course.
  • Take and pass the state real estate exam.
  • Apply for a license.
  • Find a real estate agency.
  • Consider becoming a member of the National Association of Realtors.
  • Work as a real estate agent.

How long does real estate school take?

Real estate school and obtaining a real estate license generally take 2-5 months. This can, however, vary based on your state’s license requirements and application process, as well as whether you enroll in an online real estate school or conventional in-person classes.

Bottom Line

At this point, we find everything related to deciphering the riddle; you can take real estate classes at 17 using this material concisely and concretely; will put you on track to achieve your goals. As a base and guide, this information will form a criterion to advance to your proposed goals, focused on taking real estate classes at only 17 years old. 

In addition to this, you will find tips and aspects that you should apply to avoid making common mistakes in the development of this profession. Traveling the long road of real estate is no longer alone. Now you have what you need to be on your way to success.

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