Commercial Real Estate License vs Residential | A Proper Guide

The only thing that differentiates the two brokers is what kind of property they specialize in. If you want to buy or sell Commercial (business) properties, you need a real estate broker. A real estate broker focuses on buying and selling homes. Real estate is a very profitable business. Let’s learn commercial real estate license vs residential.

If you want to help people find the home of their dreams or begin their own business, a job in realty is full of start-ups. When becoming a real estate agent, you first need to do if you want to sell businesses or homes. Two types of real estate professionals exist. However, both have different objectives and different types of clients.

This isn’t the only thing that can make a difference. Other factors like education and income also play a role. As a general rule, both areas of work call for courage, good communication skills, and patience.

Distinctions between Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate License vs Residential

Many people specialize in commercial or residential sales in the real estate business when they start as an agent.

One of these two is what many people prefer when hiring an agent. As a result, it is essential to figure out how these two jobs are similar and different when deciding whether or not to become an agent.

This will help you decide.

Harnessing of license

Almost all states have the same licensing rules for commercial and residential realtors. This means that both licenses are typically the same and that commercial and residential real estate agents rarely have their privileges unless specific state laws require them.

In most places, a licensed realtor can sell both commercial and residential real estate, so this is how it works.

Most real estate brokers specialize in one property type and one type of sale, which can be vital if you want to change jobs in the real estate field and start a new career.

Client bases

If the economy is terrible, there is usually a fixed stream of people who want to buy a house. Housing is a significant need for people in tough times, so buyers and renters are in search of places to live.

A housing provider should expect to get a steady stream of requests. This entails that, except when the market is slowing down, you should expect to get a lot of requests from people.

When considering business real estate, something else to be aware of is highly dependent on the local economy.

It’s traded by businesses for business reasons.  If an area has economic problems, commercial real estate in that region will not get better. So, selling commercial real estate may take longer than selling residential real estate, but if the industry is stable, commercial real estate can make more money than residential real estate.

Enlightenment and testing

Realtors need to be well-trained to do their job well when they work. Each country has its way of teaching people how to drive.

In different countries, real estate agents need to be trained for a certain number of hours. This ranges from 60 hours to a maximum of 180 hours. As a result, real estate agents who work for residential and commercial clients usually handle the same exams and get the same license unless the country says otherwise.

Training for commercial and residential real estate agents is very different. The main difference is that commercial real estate agents have more work experience.

Commercial agents usually work for a broker who specializes in commercial real estate. The broker gives them special training to do the economic evaluation and analyses needed to function in the retail sector.

If a person is a commercial broker, they usually have a four-year degree. This means they can better understand more complicated business theories like income statements, taxes, and investment performance. People who work as real estate brokers don’t usually need a college degree or specific training on the job to do their job well, though.


How much money a real estate agent makes each year depends mostly on how many properties they sell in a particular year. Commercial real estate agents can make more money because commissions are usually higher, even though retail property sales aren’t as high as they used to be.

This is due to the fact that commercial assets usually cost more when they first come on the market. Agents’ commissions and profits are calculated as percentages, so their higher prices show up in their commissions and profits.

However, residential realtors usually make less money than commercial real estate agents because they make less money and often work for other companies as part of their jobs.

Nevertheless, buying and closing a home will take much less preparation time, and there are lesser hurdles to get started. Agents who are good at their jobs can sometimes make more money than others.

Job outlook

There are the same job opportunities for realtors, whether they work with commercial or residential properties. Following the United States Bureau of Labor and Labor Statistics, real estate agent and marketer jobs are projected to develop by 2% over the next ten years, with 11,300 jobs added by 2029.

When you want to make a house or business investment, you will need natural state agents and realtors to help to find and buy the right place.

Among the main differences between commercial and residential real estate are:

  • A real estate agent who focuses on both residential and commercial properties.
  • There must be a license for both residential and commercial real estate brokers. Residential brokers don’t have to have a college degree.
  • People who work in commercial real estate need to have an economics or business degree to work in that field.
  • In addition, they should have a better understanding of terms like capitalization rates and gross rental multiples. They should also talk about things like property analysis and capitalization rates.

Significant Differences between Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate License vs Residential

Education of residential vs. a commercial realtor

Residential and commercial realtors need to be well-trained in real estate. However, the commercial realtor field needs more guidance through mentoring programs than residential real estate.

Training of residential vs. commercial real estate agent

The main thing that makes them different is what kind of properties they work with.

Sales/property of residential vs. commercial real estate agent

People who work in real estate can handle both residential and business properties. Some people work as commercial realtors who sell apartments and shopping malls. To be a real estate agent, you need to have a degree in economics or finance.

Because they deal with real estate all the time, they need to learn about economic conditions, capitalization rates, internal rates of income, and gross rental multiples.

Earnings of residential vs. commercial real estate agent

You can make a significant profit, though only if you operate them correctly. Their income and success depend on a well-known market and paying clients.

This is why it is so hard to be a residential real estate broker. In contrast, commercial real estate agents make more money each year because their work is more complicated and doesn’t depend on the market.

In already established real estate brokers, the distinction between commercial and residential real estate brokers is enormous. Selling residential properties is always easier than selling commercial properties because of the following differences follow.

The customer dimension of residential vs. commercial real estate agent

  • For residential assets, customers are always welcome, no matter how much money they have.
  • There will always be renters and people in search of a place to live.
  • There will always be people who want to purchase or lease a home. 
  • But it takes longer intervals to sell commercial property.
  • The local economy can affect a commercial asset, unlike residential property, which can’t be.
  • An essential part of this is what the sale is for. 
  • Rental buildings earn more money and have a greater income stream than residential buildings, thus they are a superior investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a residential realtor to sell commercial real estate?

Yes, licensed realtors may sell any asset, whether it’s a commercial or residential property. Even if you first focused on a residential realtor, you can still sell commercial real estate in the future.

All real estate agents must complete licensing training to learn how to market both kinds of homes. Real estate salespeople might begin by selling two types of homes in this manner.

What are the earnings of commercial real estate agents?

Those who work as corporate real estate brokers earn a lot of money, but not as much as those who work in a variety of other occupations. The income of a commercial agent may range from extremely low to very substantial.

A commercial realtor might earn as low as zero dollars per year or as much as one million dollars per year. Although it’s difficult to quantify how much commercial realtors earn, here are some figures from various sources.

The average pay for a commercial realty broker is $83,535, according to a study that was in the Real Estate Express 2019 – 2020 Realtor Income Guide. The average gross income for sales agents is $153,000, and the average gross income for leasing agents is $134,100.

Do commercial real estate brokers make more money than agents?

It is possible to become a real estate broker in two ways.  Some people work for real estate brokers and real estate agents.

The main person who works for a company makes more money than the broker most of the time.  People who sell properties on their own can keep 100% of their commission or give back some of it to the company as a broker.

  • Also, they can get a cut of the agent’s income.
  • Brokers don’t always make money. 
  • They can make more money each year than agents if they work well for their brokers.
  • One of the main reasons brokers make more money than agents is that they are usually more experienced than the agents they work with.
  • Most countries require you to have some experience as a broker before getting your broker’s license. You have to take extra classes and pass a test to get your license.

What training is required to be a commercial real estate agent?

Obtaining more education in different places is necessary to become a commercial real estate agent. Some countries’ training and exams for commercial real estate agents are very different. 

In other countries, only real estate brokers need to be licensed. Brokers can work as licensed residential or commercial real estate brokers. Different states also have additional requirements, including the specific training conducted. 

  • In most states, you need to spend 40-90 hours in school.
  • Most states also require that you get more orientation.
  • In most states, people who work in the same field must take at least five to 10 hours of continuing education every year.
  • If you work for a title company, you may need to be trained.  
  • People who need a college degree in some cases might need one.
  • Many title companies have training programs that you must go through before getting a job with them.
  • You can also do an apprenticeship and work with a broker for a while.

Is it harder to be a commercial real estate agent?

Many commercial real estate jobs are hard to get if you don’t have much experience. Learning and experimenting, more and more officers will choose this job because it is one of the most profitable financial jobs.

Can you make more money in commercial or residential real estate?

People who buy commercial real estate make much more money than people who purchase residential real estate. For example, a well-kept home can have very high rents per square foot because tenants can make money from it.

Bottom line

A real estate agent can buy and sell both residential and business properties. It all depends on what they want to do to change. You might be good at being a real estate agent even if you only want to work part-time, make a steady income, or don’t need to go to school. Commercial and residential real estate are inseparable, but there are still a lot of differences between them.

Many things are the same between both of them. A good location is essential, both properties are elementary to sell and appreciate, and both have a lot of tax advantages. When you want to earn more income, have a lot of education, and work full time, you may work in real estate. So each person has to figure out which options are best for them, based on their goals and finances.

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