Does Nancy Pelosi have a Fence around her Home

Does Nancy Pelosi have a fence around her home? In 2016, when Donald Trump, the then-Republican presidential candidate, was campaigning for his presidency, he made a signature promise to construct a 30ft wall along the southern border adjacent to Mexico. He claimed that America was under attack by illegal immigrants who were not only snatching jobs from Americans but also were responsible for spreading the drug culture in the country.

He was very enthusiastic and determined about the border construction. At that time, he was unaware that he wouldn’t be able to fulfil his core promise mainly because of a Democrat lawmaker, Nancy Pelosi.

She bore the brunt when the Republican politicians and supporters termed her a hypocrite by claiming that she had erected 12ft tall wall around her grand mason in the high-profile area of San Francisco. But what made her get and become a debating point?

In 2007 when the conditions in America were not suitable for women to get strong and high political positions, Nancy made history by getting elected as the first women speaker of the House of Representatives. So far, she has completed three terms.

Currently, she serves as the 52nd Speaker of the House of Representatives. As a speaker, she has worked to eliminate corruption, increase the incentives for the labour class, and rebuild the nation through strong economic growth.

For more than 33 years, Nancy Pelosi performed her duties in Congress as a representative of Democrats from the 12th District of San Francisco, California. For more than 16 years, she has led the House Democrats. In 2013, she was ceremoniously installed into the National Women Hall of Fame during a grand ceremony in Seneca Falls, the birthplace of the Suffragist Women led by American women for their political and social rights.

Nancy remained in lame light throughout the term of a former Republican president. 

Donald Trump also reported that both knew and were on good terms with each other even before Trump got into politics. But for Trump, Pelosi remained a staunched political opponent for four years of his presidency. Due to her, he faced multiple backlashes.

The 45th president was subjected to impeachment twice, and it was the first with any American president in the entire US political history. Moreover, she strongly rejected the idea of building a border wall with Mexico by claiming that. 

“It was immoral and a hindrance on the right of free movement.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew a firm line during the last year of Trump’s presidency upon the border wall security negotiations. Although Trump threatened the imposition of a national emergency in case of non-implementation of the border wall plan, the lawmakers refused to grant him $5 billion, which he demanded for the intended project. 

This fight over funding a border wall with Mexico got public attention and enraged the Republicans. Thus Pelosi came under attack, which first appeared in February 2018.

On December 13, 2021, Brad Blakeman, the famous Republican Pundit and a former Senior Staff member in the administration of President George, posted an image on social media claiming that it was the luxurious mansion of Nancy Pelosi. 

Blakeman words: Pelosi’s Mansion done with an elevated perimeter with gun-toting security and carbon-spewing SUVs. “Leader Pelosi! Tear down that wall!

He was not the only person who shared and commented. It was reported that a group named President Trump Fans posted the photo saying, “Walls for her house are ok…but not us.” Almost 3000 individuals posted that image.

She was tagged as a hypocrite, who was much concerned about her security, as she had made security walls around her home, but she was reluctant to support Trump in securing the country through border walls. Later on, it was revealed that the shared click of the mansion was not the Pelosi’s residency but was an exclusive property that Forbes termed San Francisco’s most expensive home.

According to the reports, it was, in fact, a click of the “Queen Anne,” a mansion at 2724 Pacific Ave., Pacific Heights, in a wealthy part of San Francisco, and its price was estimated at $ 24 million in 2015 and eventually sold out in the same year. The speaker has never owned it nor lived in that abode.

Speaker Pelosi owns and lives in a red brick double-story wall-less house adjacent to the pavement, which is in the same neighborhood and can be viewed from one of “Queen Anne’s” porches.

The red brick property adjoins a public sidewalk, and it has no security fencing or any kind of privacy.

Queen Anne’s photo was just a political meme that was circulating, showing an enticing mansion enclosed by ’12 concrete walls and captioned “Nancy’s House.” It wasn’t her house but just fit the propaganda to shape well enough to use for the meme.

It should be noted that Pelosi wasn’t the first-ever politician slandered as a hypocrite for simultaneously being a pro-home wall but an anti-border wall. The same happened with Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) when he recorded opposition to Donald Trump’s February 2018 state of the union address.

An image allegedly displaying a wall around his Palm Beach home promptly appeared online. In that instance, the pictured house did not belong to Joe Kennedy, but his family owned that house during his childhood until the future congressman turned 14.

Even the displayed wall in the photo was not assumed to be a security wall because it was not tall but a seawall built to protect the oceanfront property from water damage.

Similarly, in January 2019, an accusation was made against Pelosi about her belonging along the Napa River in California. The creator and propagator of that meme were successful in depicting the original property of Pelosi.

Still, they remained unsuccessful in getting public attention because the wall was just a few feet tall and was for decorative purposes but not really for security reasons. After all, not only was it short, but it only encircled the main entrance.

Pelosi, along with her residence, remained in public eyes even during the tough time of worldwide lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. America was one of the hard-hit countries where almost 20 million people lost their jobs.

Thus, the government announced a relief package in the form of $2000 COVID-19 relief checks. Still, under the pretext of the failure of lawmakers to provide them, the house of Pelosi was vandalized by unidentified attackers at midnight.

They not only stuck the black shoppers in front of the house but also on the door of the garage graffiti was found with phrases like Cancel rent, we want everything, $2k.

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