How Hard Is NJ Real Estate Exam | Tips to Pass the Exam Easily

If you want to work as a realtor or broker, one of the first stages is to pass your state’s real estate test. You can’t skip this stage whether you’re a great test taker or a terrible one. As a result, you may wonder, “how hard is the NJ real estate exam?” Thus, we have made this post to aid you.

According to data, just 25% of the 1,800 applicants who took the New Jersey real estate test in January 2021 passed. The low passing percentages suggest that passing the licensure test is a serious undertaking that needs dedicated study and preparation.

The 110-question exam includes 80 questions in primarily real estate and 30 questions about NJ license law. This is on top of the NJ Real Estate Commission’s standards and the law of agency and fair housing statutes. The state test requires a 70% passing mark to pass (77 correct answers out of the 110 questions).

There are diverse reasons why the pass rate is so low. To begin with, the content covered on the exam is much beyond the expertise of most real estate applicants. Most applicants are unfamiliar with ideas and terminology in licensing law, agency law, contract law, mortgage finance, etc.

While none of the content is difficult to comprehend, the sheer amount of information makes it impossible to remember and use without careful study. Assimilation and recall are tough to grasp because of the sheer breadth. The data is also readily forgotten in a short amount of time.

How Hard Is NJ Real Estate Exam: More Insights 

How Hard Is NJ Real Estate Exam

The examiners are another critical reason why the NJ real estate test is difficult. Rather than a primary recollection of terminology and ideas, these specialists get pretty experienced at testing the candidates. Many pupils don’t prepare to make the essential distinctions required to pass.

Finally, most realty courses are lecture-based, with little respect for the weighting of questions on the state exam. The content lends itself to a bland, uninspired presentation that fails to engage or retain students.

Similarly, pupils get no feedback on their progress except for a watered-down school final. The kid fails the more challenging state exam after struggling through the school test.

While there are numerous benefits to being a real estate licensee, many applicants find the New Jersey real estate test to be a substantial challenge.

Steps to Help You Pass Real Estate Exam

How Hard Is NJ Real Estate Exam

As previously stated, the NJ real estate test is notoriously difficult. As a result, these pointers will assist you in overcoming these obstacles so that you may easily pass the test and go on to your license application.

Enroll in a pre-licensing course.

It is essential to take a pre-licensing course before taking the real estate license test. In an exam prep course, you will study the information on the test and strategies for becoming a realty dealer or broker in your state. You’ll be well-prepared for your state’s agent or broker test when you leave.

We suggest searching for a state-specific real estate test preparation program. The real estate test in New Jersey differs from the real estate exam in Michigan. And grasping those distinctions is crucial to passing the exam.

As long as the online real estate school is state-specific, it might be a suitable alternative for studying for the real estate exam. Online real estate courses might help if you need some schedule flexibility.

Take a Test of Proficiency

A practice test will help you determine if you are preparing for the NJ real estate exam. It will show you samples of the questions asked on the test. When picking a pre-license course, ensure it contains a portion that allows you to practice.

Take the practice exercise as many times as you need to. The more practice you receive, the better you’ll be prepared for the actual state test. 

Take note of the sorts of questions that stump you as you practice, and concentrate your study time on those topics. If you need more experience in real estate math, you might focus your study on that subject to step up your chances of passing the final test.

Develop good test-taking habits

Your state practice questions should cover the exam material and provide tips on improving your test-taking skills and getting a passing score. You may wish to think about the following suggestions:

  • Begin with questions you already know the answers to.
  • Working backward, eliminate incorrect responses before selecting the best feasible correct solution.
  • Don’t second-guess yourself or alter your responses.
  • Skip the difficult questions and return to them later if you have time.
  • While taking the exam, remember to breathe since a lack of oxygen will impair your capacity to recall what you’ve learned.
  • Read the question word for word. Small words like “many” or “all” may dramatically alter the meaning of a question and its response.
  • Remember that the aim is to achieve a passing grade, not get every question correct. So start with what you know.

Write down and review your notes

Make several notes and note cards while studying for the test. Consider utilizing digital note card software to keep things close to hand. Take these note cards and study for the test whenever you have a spare moment.

But don’t get stressed out over the note cards. Use them as a device to assist you in remembering what you’ve learned.

As you study and review, make note cards for any challenging concepts

Care for yourself

Ensure you get enough rest and eat a healthy diet in the days leading up to the NJ real estate test. Stay away from the urge to cram material the night before by staying up late.

If you are weary, you will not perform well on the exam, no matter how excellent your prep course is.

The night before the actual exam, get a decent night’s sleep. This will help you pass the exam more than any level of cramming.

Keep in mind that this is not a race.

We want to emphasize that the real estate test is not a race, something you won’t learn at real estate school. Other candidates will finish their applications quicker than you, and others may take longer. Pace yourself to keep within the time restriction, but don’t make it a race to see who can finish first.

Maintain a positive attitude

Finally, your attitude will significantly influence your success. Don’t get caught up with your state’s pass rate or the finer points of your pre-license schooling.

Do your best and have a cheerful attitude throughout the process. If you approach the exam with the appropriate mindset, you’ll have a far better chance of succeeding.

It’s also OK if the worst occurs and you don’t pass. If necessary, you may retake the NJ real estate test. Learn from your errors, enroll in another real estate school course, and try again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the realtor exam pass rate in New Jersey?

The New Jersey Real Estate Exam has a 70 percent pass rate. We are o ascertain that if you put up the necessary effort, you will pass on your first try!

Which state’s real estate test is the most difficult?

Colorado is considered the most difficult state because agents must complete 160 hours of training, pass two tests, pass a background check, and get fingerprinted. Many other states, in contrast, have education requirements of fewer than 100 hours, with the bulk of them falling under the 40-hour mark.

Is it possible to take the New Jersey real estate exam online?

Candidates for NJ Real Estate Licensing may now take their State Exam online. You’re considering earning your NJ Real Estate Broker License, or someone you know is looking for a job in the real estate industry. Students may now complete the course and test safely, securely, and conveniently online.

How many times can you take the real estate exam in New Jersey?

The test’s national and state law components may get passed three times. If you fail both branches of the license test after three tries, you must complete 30 or 60 hours of extra instruction before retaking the exam.

What is the time frame for obtaining a real estate license?

The time to obtain a real estate license is between 4-and 6 months. 

Is the real estate exam in New Jersey multiple choices?

Yes. All of the questions come as multiple-choice, with four response options. Each exam gives test-takers four hours to finish it. To pass, you must have a score of at least 70% (77 accurate out of 110).


In conclusion, real estate provides an excellent earning option for entrepreneurs in NJ. This is quite possible after passing the appropriate exams. At this point, the above highlight on “how hard is NJ real estate exam” will aid you immensely.

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