How Hard Is the Real Estate Exam in Georgia | A Detail Guide

In terms of asset management, Georgia ranks among the best states in the country. Georgia’s strong economy, which has seen unemployment decline and median job advancement of 1.5 percent over the years, is a big part of the state’s success.

Georgia’s economy has progressed to the point that it is now the world’s ninth-best. The area’s population has grown by 4.9 percent in the last three years. This, together with the region’s expanding employment market and workforce, indicates that the state’s property market will remain steady in the next years.

With an average home worth of $157,800 and a steady upward trend in prices, it’s easy to see why.

License! Thousands of aspiring real estate agents in Georgia have been taught by Real Estate Express, and we make it simple for you to learn the Georgia real estate license requirements.

Graduating from high school, passing a background check, completing a 75-hour Salesperson Pre-license Course, and passing the Georgia real estate exam are the only criteria for becoming a real estate agent in Georgia.

General Requirements for a Georgia Real Estate Exam

How Hard Is the Real Estate Exam in Georgia
  • A high school diploma or GED is required.
  • Complete a background check
  • To become licensed in Georgia, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can take the exam if you’re 17, but the license won’t be activated until you’re 18.

Georgia’s Real Estate Exam Criteria

Apply Now to Meet Georgia’s Real Estate Exam Education Requirements. One of the following Georgia real estate licensing educational criteria must be met:

  • Complete the requisite 75-hour Salesperson Pre-licensing Course at a Georgia Real Estate Commission-approved school.
  • Once you have completed your academic prerequisites, you must submit your transcript from the institution of law to Applied Measurement Professionals (not the Commission). This should be in addition to your application for examination. Professional development, crash workshops, and particular short courses are not acceptable types of continuing education.
  • If your coursework is satisfactory, AMP will notify you. Instead, you can show that you completed at least 75 hours of pre-license coursework certified by another state or province’s real estate regulatory organization. Gets a letter from the agency stating that the course work has been approved in that state or province?
  • You must complete a 25-hour salesperson post-license course during your first year of licensure as a salesman. Your license will lapse if you do not finish the post-licensing course within the first year.

Examination Requirements

The Georgia Real Estate License Exam Requirements must be followed:

  • Register for the Applied Measurement Professionals test, approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. Pay the $121.50 examination fee.
  • For the first four years of licensure, this amount covers all fees. Pass the Georgia real estate test with flying colors. A minimum passing score of 72 percent is required.
  • You must apply for your license within 12 months of taking the exam; if the time limit has gone, you must retake the exam.

Benefits of Obtaining a Georgia Real Estate Exam

Each state has its own set of regulations for obtaining a real estate license. In Georgia, however, obtaining a real estate license is as straightforward as following a few basic procedures.

In a few weeks, hopeful licensees could get their real estate licenses. The average real estate agent earns $47,930 per year. Real estate brokers earn an average of $47,610 a year in Georgia, but salaries can range from $36,000 to $100,000+ depending on experience and competence.

Before taking the examinations and gaining a license, different states demand 20 to over 200 hours of pre-licensing education. Pre-licensing courses in Georgia are required to be 75 hours long.

Sponsoring a designated broker

In Georgia, a licensee must be sponsored by an active managing broker. This person will be your mentor as you begin your new real estate career. Here are some questions to think about when looking for a sponsorship broker:

  • What is the general opinion about them?
  • Are they experts in their field?
  • Are they up to date on the most recent regulations and rules?
  • How much do they back up their agents?
  • Is there a commission structure available? Are there any advantages?
  • What kind of leads and marketing materials do they provide to their representatives?
  • Is there room for expansion inside the brokerage?

How long does it take to get a real estate license in Georgia?

How long does it take to get a real estate license in Georgia

Obtaining a real estate license typically takes four months. Therefore, depending on the amount of time they have to study and the delivery they choose for their education, many people take significantly less or far more time to obtain their Georgia real estate license.

Students can get their license in a matter of weeks or take their time and get it over a year. The duration of time it takes to earn a Georgia real estate license is determined by the sort of pre-licensing training chosen and the speed with which the courses are completed. A person completes courses at their own pace.

What kinds of jobs can you get with a Georgia real estate license?

With a real estate license in Georgia, you can work in a variety of roles, including:

  • Residential Real Estate Agent
  • Agent for Commercial Real Estate
  • Broker of Real Estate
  • Manager of Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is passing the Georgia real estate exam difficult?

You must achieve at least 75 percent on both the national and state components of the salesperson exam to pass. A passing score of at least 70% is required on both the broker test’s national and state components.

How many individuals pass the Georgia real estate exam?

Though the pass percentage varies depending on the state exam, it generally hovers around 50% nationwide. This means that only around half of those who take a state licensure exam succeed.

How many questions on the Georgia real estate exam can you get wrong?

The Georgia Real Estate Salesperson Exam has 52 questions in the state-specific section. To pass, an examinee must properly answer 39 questions (75 percent correct). The Georgia Real Estate Salesperson Exam has a four-hour time limit for national and state-specific portions.

Is the real estate test very math-intensive?

While the quantity of math questions on the exam varies from state to state, math-related questions account for about 10-15% of the total.


Moreover, depending on the type of real estate, the type of client, and the role you perform, there are a plethora of specialties and niches into which you can fit. Some specializations pay better than others, and these sometimes require additional certifications or licenses.

There are several expertise and niches to choose from in the real estate industry. Although some specializations pay more than others, they frequently need additional licenses or certifications.

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