How Many Times can you take the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

Whether you want to get your Colorado real estate license or renew your current one, you’ll need to take the Colorado real estate exam at some point. Many people will take the test multiple times before passing, but how many times can you take it? Everything you need to know about retaking the Colorado real estate exam.

How long do I have to wait in between exams?

How Many Times can you take the Colorado Real Estate Exam

The Colorado Real Estate Commission allows prospective brokers to retake both parts of their licensing exam up to six times in one year. However, these exams must be retaken within two years of passing your last exam.

If you fail or do not pass either section after six attempts, you will need to wait one year before being allowed to re-test. Once licensed, Colorado requires its broker/agents to complete 24 hours of continuing education (CE) every two years. At that time, re-exams are also required if no longer licensed in another state.

What if I fail? Section: What if I don’t pass my exam on my first try?

How Many Times can you take the Colorado Real Estate Exam

You have to pass your Colorado real estate exam to receive your broker’s license. If you don’t pass, don’t worry. You can retake it as soon as 24 hours after you first attempt it. There is no limit on how many times a candidate may take any section of an examination; however, each person must wait 60 days after a failed attempt before retaking that particular portion of the examination.

What if I fail again? Section: What if I still haven’t passed after five tries?

If you’ve gone through five sections and still haven’t passed, your Realtor® association may require a license review before issuing the sixth attempt. During a license review, an attorney or other advisor helps identify testing mistakes or possibly overlooked study materials.

They try to see what the problem is that you cannot pass the exam even on the fifth attempt. So, this is to help you so that any major blunders can be avoided, if any while attempting the test previously. Though you might dread having to pay for yet another study session, it can help ensure that it’s your last one!

Once everyone is satisfied that you know everything there is to know about state laws, regulations and association policies, they will schedule your sixth attempt. If at first (the fifth time) you don’t succeed. 

How long do I have to wait before I can retake an exam?

How Many Times can you take the Colorado Real Estate Exam

Colorado requires that you wait until your state registration is renewed before retaking an expired exam. If your registration is set to expire in three months, for example, you won’t be able to retake a written or multiple choices CORE® test until three months have passed from your last pass/fail.

However, if your registration is set to expire more than six months from now (such as one year), then passing an expired exam will still qualify as one of your 60 required credits. Just check our Registration page for any additional information regarding your specific situation. In addition, passing a previously expired Colorado knowledge-based Real Estate Examination may not qualify as continuing education credit.

Can I study for the broker’s exam or do something else between exams?

There is no waiting period to retake an exam in Colorado. If a broker fails an examination in Colorado, they may re-register and be allowed to sit for another examination if it has been more than 60 days since their first failed attempt. A broker may not study for another state’s examination while waiting to retake an exam in Colorado.

If there are no more exams scheduled, when am I eligible to take one again in Colorado?

Take it one step at a time. First, make sure that there are no more exams scheduled for when you plan to take it (check with your state’s licensing agency). In most states, once you sit for an exam and pass, your score is valid for 24 months. If your state has a shorter window, get all of that information from your board before planning to test again.

Then work on setting up another appointment with CBT Nuggets to study your weak areas. You’ll also want to look over any questions or answers that didn’t go so well and review if/when you made errors so that, if necessary, next time around will be easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long must you wait to retake a Colorado real estate exam?

You must complete both parts within three months of completing the first. If you do not complete both portions, you must retry both portions within 90 days. Before you can qualify for a retake, you must wait 24 hours.

What follows if we fail the real estate exam in Colorado?

After you fail the re-examination, you must repeat the course and wait an additional 18 calendar days. Colorado: You can repeat the test for an additional fee of $80. Connecticut: You may retake the exam on the same day but not on the same day. Delaware: You simply need to retake the exam segment that you failed.

What is the difficulty level of the Colorado estate test?

The exam may be difficult, but it is not something pupils should be concerned about! In over 23 years of teaching, we’ve discovered that the following themes are the most difficult for students.

Is the Colorado Real Estate Exam a closed book examination?

The broker exam’s second section focuses on Colorado real estate laws, regulations, and contracts. You must not bring anything to the exam centre, and the exam is not an open book.

How many questions on the Colorado real estate exam can you get wrong?

There are 80 nation-specific questions and 74 state-level questions in the exam. To pass, you have to answer 60 of the nation level questions correctly and 53 of the state-specific questions correctly. After you finish your exam, you will get your score right away.

What is the Colorado real estate test passing score?

The pass mark is 60 right answers. Allowable time: 120 min (2 hours)

Is it permissible to use a calculator on the Colorado real estate exam?

You are only allowed to use one simple working calculator. Bring two kinds of proof of identity to the exam location. Whether you take one or both portions of the Colorado Real Estate Broker exam, the registration price is $71.

Is the real estate test in Colorado multiple choices?

The national real estate licencing exam and the state-specific real estate licencing exam are both parts of the licencing exam. Both sections are made up of multiple-choice questions with 4 answer options.

Is it necessary to attend college to become a realtor?

You will not need a college diploma to work as a real estate agent in most places. A degree or certification programme can assist you in learning skills that you will utilize on the job, but it is not needed. Each state has only a few requirements for becoming a real estate agent.

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