How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Seattle | Full Statistics?

Seattle is one of the most expensive cities in America. If you’re thinking of moving to Seattle, or if you’re a real estate agent who wants to work in Seattle, it’s important to know how much money you can expect to make. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how much do real estate agents make in Seattle and what factors influence their salaries. We’ll also discuss whether or not the cost of living makes it worth becoming a real estate agent in Seattle. Stay tuned for more!

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Seattle?

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In Seattle

The average realtor earns between $45,000 and $50,000 per year at the national level. Most realtors fail to recoup their investment within two to five years. Entering this industry is quite difficult. The average is slightly deceiving because novice realtors earn a loss while senior realtors earn a profit of $100,000 or more. 

A Real Estate Agent’s average annual salary in Seattle is $91,728. A basic pay calculation equates to around $44.10 per hour if you require a basic pay calculation. This equates to a weekly wage of $1,764 or a monthly salary of $7,644.

The average income for a Realtor varies greatly (up to $52,109), showing that there could be several opportunities for advancement and improved pay based on skill level, location, and years of practice.

How much money does a Part-Time Real Estate Agent in Seattle, Washington make?

As of November 24, 2021, the annual average salary for a Part-Time Real Estate Agent in Seattle is $65,227. A basic pay calculation equates to around $31.36 per hour if you require a basic pay calculation. This equates to a weekly wage of $1,254 or a monthly salary of $5,436.

For example, ZipRecruiter has wages ranging from $120,503 to $18,998. The bulk of Part-Time Real Estate Agent salaries in Seattle now ranges from $32,568 to $86,848, with the major earners earning $108,560 annually.

The average compensation for a Part-Time Realtor varies greatly (up to $54,280), demonstrating that there may be many prospects for advancement and increased earnings depending on skill level, area, and years of practice.

According to recent job posts on ZipRecruiter, the Seattle, WA, and surrounding area Part-Time Real Estate Agent employment market is extremely busy.

ZipRecruiter examines our collection of millions of current jobs posted locally around the United States on a monthly basis to establish the most accurate yearly pay ranges for Part-Time Realtor positions.

How Real Estate Agents are Compensated

The real estate commission is the proportion of a sale price split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. Real estate brokers make the majority of their money from commissions from sales.

Agents may also earn money through real estate referral fees. When a client is referred to you by an agent, the agent often receives a portion of your commission.  These are referred to as referral fees, and they are frequently employed when the following situations occur:

You’re a newly licensed real estate agent with no clients yet.  A conflict of interest exists, for instance, with a family member. A client has expressed an interest in purchasing a house in an area not covered by your network.

What does a Real Estate Agent Earn in Commission?

Real estate agents normally earn between 5% and 6% of the sale price, and commissions are evenly distributed between listing and buyer’s agents, resulting in an average real estate agent commission of 2.5 to 3%.  While dual agency, or represent both the buyer and seller, is unlawful in many jurisdictions, if it is permitted where you work, you can expect to earn the entire 5% to 6% commission if you represent both sides.

What is the Commission Structure in Real Estate?

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Seattle

You will not receive your complete real estate agent commission when you close a sale. A listing agent is responsible for their broker’s fee, applicable taxes, and any marketing fees or services (photography, home staging, gifts, etc.). A buyer’s agent is responsible for broker commissions, taxes, and client service costs (gas for driving them around, housewarming gifts, etc.).

For instance, a 6% commission on a $220,000 home is $13,200, which means that each agent receives $6,600 to cover their expenditures and compensation. However, you are not required to accept the normal commission structure.

How much money does a Realtor Earn In Seattle?

  • Salary ranges for Seattle employees according to years of experience, years of experience
  • $90,2273 per year for 5 years-6 to 9 years 1–2 years $90,2273 per year for 5 years-6 to 9 years 1–2 years ranging from $90,2273 to 5
  • $114,735
  • $112,410 for more than ten years

How much does an Average Real Estate Agent Earn?

The typical realtor makes $45,990 per year, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, salaries vary greatly. 10% of realtors made just under $23,000 each year, while 10% made upwards of $110,000.

Broker vs. Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent

The connection between agents and brokers explains the compensation structure for real estate agents.

Agents have licensed sales assistants who work for a designated broker. Agents cannot work independently and cannot receive rewards directly from their customers.

On the other hand, brokers can operate independently and employ real estate agents as employees. You must pay all commissions in real estate directly to the broker. After then, the broker distributes the commission with any additional agents involved in the transaction. Realtors can be either real estate agents or brokers. 

Commissions on Real Estate in Washington, D.C., on an Average (2021)

Commissions and their application on saving commissions cost Washington’s current real estate market. The greatest firms that charge little commission Procedures the information include the following: According to our survey of brokers in your area, the typical real estate commission in Washington is 5.20 percent.

That means you’ll pay approximately $28,500 in realtor costs to sell an average Washington house valued at $548,300.

While the realtor commission is typically the highest expense, you have with selling a home. So, you don’t need to pay the full 5.20 percent.

Selling through a bargain real estate company like Clever can help you save thousands of dollars in commission. Clever negotiates a 1% listing fee with full-service Washington realtors from the industry’s top brokers. You’d pay just $19,700 on that same $548,300 house, a savings of up to 31% above paying market rates.

Clever charges a 1% listing cost, which saves you hundreds in commission! Washington’s commission structure for real estate agents A typical home sale involves the involvement of two real estate agents:

The seller’s agent (alternatively referred to as the listing agent) acts on behalf of the home seller. The buyer’s agent acts on behalf of the purchaser.

Both agents receive a commission based on the home’s final sales price. This fee is a real estate agent commission, and it is part of the price of your home when you sell it. According to our study, in Washington, the typical commission split is 50.0 percent for the selling agent and 50.0 percent for the buyer’s agent.

Washington’s leading bargain real estate firms

Typically, discount real estate agencies provide full-service support at a lower commission % or a flat charge. These individuals have their licenses and meet all of the Washington real estate commission board’s standards with typical agents.

How they achieve those discounts will vary according to the business model, with some entailing greater risks and trade-offs than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the realtor’s fees?

Sellers pay real estate commissions from the last sale earnings to both agents participating in the transaction. However, because the commission is incorporated into the sales price, one may argue that the home buyer pays for it in part through a higher price.

Is Washington’s real estate test difficult?

Complete all questions and leave no blank spaces on your response sheet. Passing the Washington real estate exam is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. If you prepare yourself, keep calm, and be thorough, you will do well. If you adhere to the methods outlined above, you should pass the test.

What is the average monthly salary of a real estate agent?

According to Indeed users, real estate brokers earn an average of $5,980 a month.

How much does a real estate referral fee cost?

This is customizable, but 25% is the industry standard referral fee. From then, the exact referral commission percentage is up to you and the other agent; be sure to establish the terms in a contract.

How can one become wealthy in real estate?

The simplest answer to the question “How to make rich in real estate?” is investing in buying and holding properties. This investing method is rather straightforward; you purchase an investment property and hold it for a time until it appreciates, at which point you can sell it for a profit.

How Are Real Estate Brokerage Fees Reimbursed?

You can pay real estate commissions at the time of closing. They deduce it straight from the sales profits. They transfer the funds straight to real estate brokerage businesses, which divide them among the agents.

Bottom line

Real estate is difficult to break into, and you must approach it as if you were starting a new business. 

If you’re serious, now is the moment to begin accumulating enough money to cover not only your initial expenses but also all subsequent expenses for the first couple of years. They are substantial in terms of necessary memberships and other costs associated with operating a firm.

Expect little assistance, as other agents are your competitors. Certain businesses are proactive in training new agents; seek one to assist you.

If you have a history in customer service, law, or sales, you will find this sector quite beneficial. We normally advise new agents to remain working in their existing position until they have completed their training.

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