How Much Do Real Estate Photographers Earn | Full Estimated Guide

Often people ask how much do real estate photographers earn. In the United States, the median salary for real estate photographers is currently $51,297, but the salary range is usually between $42,698 and $63,091. Real estate photographers can earn more money depending on where and with whom they work. High-end real estate photography; can earn more than single-family home photography. The difference is noticeable.

A real estate photographer is a creative professional; tasked with taking attractive photos of commercial and residential real estate. They collaborate with real estate agents, who use the photographs to sell homes online. They also often work for model home builders, designers, home decorators, or architects. Thus, you may choose to work with an assistant to help you with equipment and editing on occasion.

In 2021, the median annual salary for a real estate photographer will be $60,520, according to ZipRecruiter. That equates to nearly $5,043 per month or about $29 per hour. Prices, on the other hand, can vary widely from region to region.

According to the data, real estate photographers in California earn the most money. However, some photographers in other states also make a good living. Listed below are the three cities with the highest rates for real estate photography.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly EarningHourly Payment
San Mateo, CA$74,500$6,200$36.00
Berkeley, CA$72,000$6,000$35.00
Daly City, CA$71,600$5,700$34.00

How to Become a Real Estate Photographer?

How Much Do Real Estate Photographers Earn
  • Becoming a professional real estate photographer is similar to becoming a professional photographer in any other field. It has a low barrier to entry compared to other areas of photography.
  • To start photographing real estate, you will, of course, need the necessary equipment and photography skills. On the other hand, creating a portfolio is much simpler. You can start by photographing your own home, as well as the homes of friends and family, to make yourself known.
  • Unlike wedding or fashion photography, there is not much at stake for someone who lets you photograph their property, perhaps except their time.
  • Finally, you buy the equipment and learn the skills. Next, you build your portfolio. Then you approach homeowners and realtors and ask if you can take some photos for them. If you already have a job, don’t quite yet. Work until you feel you can support yourself over a long time. This is the most basic process.

Get the Right Software for real estate photographers

  • Photographs may require corrections and enhancements; editing software makes cropping, adding light, and sharpening images possible. Learning how to edit photos can give your work a professional look, so mastering it is critical to getting and satisfying clients. The amount of time you spend post-processing; also depends on your level of editing skills. Real estate photography clients; usually expect a quick turnaround time.
  • A portfolio; showcase your work and demonstrate your skills to potential clients. When photographing a property, make sure you retain the rights to the images so you can use them in it. Making your work available online is a great way to do this. Online portfolios are often free, and simple to create, with customizable templates and unique designs.
  • When you complete a job, ask the client for a reference so you can have a solid verification of your skills to include in your portfolio.
  • Offers a free or reduced rate initial photography service when building a client base. This helps establish trust with the client while adding professional work to your portfolio. The value of the property and your work experience can influence the price of your services.

Aspects to Evaluate the Cost of a Real Estate Photography Job

How Much Do Real Estate Photographers Earn

It would help if you determined how much it costs to photograph a house, including the cost of the camera, memory cards, gas, taxes, and food; in short, anything that costs you money. Next, divide that figure by the number of houses photographed each year. This will give you an important figure: your cost per session. From the data, we’ll show you how to do it step by step with a clear example:

  • You could spend $2,000 on a camera; cameras cost $1,000 per year.
  • You photograph 500 houses a year and pay $2 per session for the camera.
  • The income tax rate is about 15%. Therefore, when you photograph a $120 house, my taxes are $18; taxes cost me about $18 per session.
  • The prices start at $120 for a small house and increase to $140, and $160 as the house gets larger.
  • The current cost per session, including car, gas, photo equipment, taxes, etc., is $40 per house. That’s all it’s going to cost a little.
  • But that doesn’t include your time, so it will have to be calculated. If you photograph 5 houses on average and make an $80 profit per house ($120 – $40), you can make $400 a day. If you work 10 hours a day, you will earn $40 per hour after taxes.

The downside, of course, is the risk. Being self-employed is dangerous. If you work for $15 an hour in a restaurant, you get paid during your shift, even if the restaurant is empty. If you are self-employed, the toughest challenge is the inconsistency of income.

Additional ways to Increase Income from Real Estate Photography

You can offer additional services to your clients to differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your price; here are some tips:

  • Many photographers create slideshows for easy viewing of photos; why not shoot a video to showcase a building? Start your career with simple videos and gradually improve your skills.
  • The cost of a real estate video range from $1,000 to $10,000 per minute, and costs vary depending on the complexity of the real estate video ideas.
  • In addition, you can learn more about 3D real estate photography, and create 3D video tours using specialized software, which allows real estate agents to sell properties quickly.
  • Real estate aerial imaging is a service that uses drones for real estate photography, photographing the building from various angles to show the property and its surroundings. Paperwork will need to be filled out to obtain permission, as the Federal Aviation Administration has imposed restrictions on the use.
  • A drone photo shoot will cost between $150 and $250 per hour, including video editing. If the shoot is extended, the photographer will charge an additional $50 to $70 per hour.
  • Photoshop actions for real estate; use these actions to enhance the look of your real estate photographs. You can use them to adjust colors, brighten photos and bring out details without distorting the image. This package will be extremely beneficial for real estate photographers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do real estate photographers earn per home?

Most clients pay between $100 and $125 per hour. On the other hand, some photographers charge between $55 and $65 per hour. The rate is at the low end and between $180 and $200 per hour at the high end.

How much do real estate agents pay photographers?

In most cases, it is customary for the real estate agent to pay the photographer. This is part of their marketing effort and is deducted from the seller’s fee for selling their home.

Real Estate Photography Pricing:

National Average Rate$120/hour
Average cost range$100-$125/hour
Low-end cost range$55-$65/hour
High-end cost range$180-$200/hour

Can you make money doing real estate photography?

As with other start-up businesses, it can take one to three years to make a substantial profit. Freelance real estate photographers make an average of $50,000 per year and may exceed $90,000 per year.

Is there a demand for real estate photographers?

Real estate photography is one of the most popular types of photography. Homes with high-quality photographs sell 30% faster, according to the Center for Realtor Development. As a result, there is a high demand for quality real estate photography, and every real estate agent is trying to outperform its competitors.

How much do real estate photographers earn per year?

In the United States, photographers earn an average of $42,940 per year. Real estate photographers can make more money depending on where they work and who they work with.

How much should I charge for real estate photos?

Most clients charge between $100 and $125 per hour. On the other hand, some photographers charge between $55 and $65 per hour—the low end and between $180 and $200 at the high end.

Bottom Line

We have all the related information to solve the riddle; how much real estate photographers earn do. Using this material properly and concretely will allow us to understand all the related aspects based on the earnings; that a real estate photographer can generate.

In addition, tips and strategies to enter this real estate world; can be very profitable if you get on track with desire and desire. In addition to this, we mention tools that will help you carry out the work in a productive way to generate income above the average.

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