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Wholesale real estate can be a good way for young adults to start their financial independence. However, it is important for young people to understand the risks involved when investing in real estate and seek advice from a licensed professional. The most important thing is to be realistic when pursuing real estate as a career. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it takes time, effort, and dedication to succeed in real estate.

In order to sell real estate wholesale, you have to be at least 18 years old.  According to the law, legally anyone under the age of 18 in the United States is forbidden from entering into a legally binding contract.

This way, you can conduct negotiations, find the buyer and assign the contract to your account. You can sell the property to the highest bidder; if you can prove you have the funds to do so before signing the contract.

When someone sells a house for top dollar, he functions as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. In this way, he agrees to sell a property on behalf of the owner for a certain price without acting as the owner’s real estate agent or buying the property himself. If the house is sold higher than agreed upon, the intermediary keeps the difference as profit.

Selling real estate to the general public is a way for investors to get started in real estate without making a large initial investment or owning a property. Read on to learn more about wholesaling real estate and how you can participate in this business venture.

What to Consider if the Seller is a Minor

How Old Do you Have to be to Sell Real Estate Wholesale
  • The basic rule for contracts involving minors is that the minor has the right to void the contract. They established this law to safeguard young people; who may not fully understand the implications of certain contracts.
  • It is said that minors cannot contract. Therefore, courts and legislation give children the right to opt-out of a contract at their discretion. It is not up to the other party in a contract but rather belongs solely to decisions on behalf of minors.
  • Thus, as long as the contract is in effect, the minor can do pretty much whatever they want with it. Since such a law can be misused, several exceptions to the general avoidance of a minor’s contract have been established.
  • Such a unilateral agreement can make it difficult for a minor to convince an informed seller to accept the deal. The seller is bound by the contract, while the buyer is not. Most consumers will find this unappealing.
  • Similarly, the minor can delegate the contract to someone else. The buyer would face a similar risk: although the assignment contract would bind the assignee, it would not bind the assignor, the minor.
  • In practice, the increased risks for both the seller and the buyer; may mean reduced profits for the wholesaler. However, a minor may sell wholesale attributes.

Requirements for Wholesaling Real Estate

  • Locating properties to wholesale real estate
  • To succeed in wholesaling real estate, one must first discover homes to buy and sell.
  • Sellers involved in wholesale real estate transactions can be in a problematic situation. Either because the property is in disrepair or because of financial difficulties and they have to sell.
  • A seller may have inherited a troubled property and does not want to remodel it and needs to resell it.
  • A solid marketing plan can help you locate these properties. So, to effectively wholesale real estate, you must first establish an exceptional marketing plan to identify off-market assets. Common marketing techniques include direct mail, push for cash, Google Ads, SEO, and cell phone applications.

Signing a contract

Once you have found a property to sell to the highest bidder, you will sign a contract with the seller. The contract specifies a time frame in which you must sell it and a minimum price at which you must sell it. For example, you may agree to sell your property for $100,000 in 120 days.

The minimum sale price is $100,000, which is the seller’s amount from the sale. Anything above that minimum price is a profit for you as the broker. Consequently, if you sell the house for $125,000 within those 120 days, you will receive $25,000, while the seller will receive the agreed-upon $100,000.

Identifying a buyer

Now it’s time to find a buyer once you have signed a contract with the property seller. So; Most property buyers; are real estate investors willing to pay cash.

It is beneficial to have a network of investors when you have a property available as a real estate investor. You can use social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to connect with others or local real estate investment groups in your area.

Relinquish or sell the contract for a profit.

You will sell the home contract to the buyer once you have found a buyer and agreed on a price, ideally for a higher price than you had agreed with the seller. The buyer does what he would do with any other real estate purchase with the ownership of the house. The seller receives the agreed amount, and you receive the difference as profit.

What to Consider for Wholesaling Real Estate

How Old Do you Have to be to Sell Real Estate Wholesale
  • If you want to get into real estate but are short on cash, wholesaling real estate may be a smart option. Wholesaling can be more affordable than other types of real estate investments because there is no upfront investment.
  • Keep in mind that while you don’t need financial investment, wholesaling real estate isn’t right for everyone. To find properties, you will need a marketing strategy and a wide network of real estate investors; eager to buy the properties being sold to the highest bidder. Consequently, this type of investment may not be suitable for those who are not sales savvy and prefer a passive, hands-off investment approach.
  • If you have money and know-how of real estate works, making a purchase and profit is entirely possible.
  • There is no need for a license to sell real estate wholesale to the general public in most situations. So long as your activities don’t conflict with those of a real estate agent or broker. Some states may restrict the number of transactions you may carry out without a license. Check your state’s laws before you start selling real estate to the highest bidder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be 18 years old to sell real estate wholesale?

Yes, to sign a legally binding contract and other documentation, you must be of legal age in your state. However, if you are under 18, your guardian or legal representative can sign the contract on your behalf. To sell real estate, you will need to find properties that are not on the market and sell them to buyers. Marketing, networking, and other things can help you achieve success.

How do you wholesale real estate to people under 18?

If you are under 18, your guardian or legal representative can sign the contract on your behalf. When someone sells a home at a maximum price, they act as an intermediary between sellers and buyers.

How much money is needed to start wholesaling real estate?

No initial investment is necessary; selling to the highest bidder can be more affordable than other types of real estate investments. Keep in mind that even if you don’t need financial investment, selling real estate is not a good idea for everyone.

Do you need a license to wholesale homes?

In most situations, you won’t need a license to start investing in wholesale real estate. There is no doubt that you can be successful without a wholesale real estate license if you put in the effort.

Is it possible to sell any property to the highest bidder?

You can legally sell real estate to the highest bidder, but if you are not careful, you may find yourself selling to the highest bidder on the wrong side of state law. As a business owner, you sell the rights to a contract with a seller that allows you to sell the rights to a buyer.

How long does it take to sell a house wholesale?

While this may not seem like much to a prospective real estate investor, bear in mind that it should only take you a few weeks to wholesale a property. As you gain expertise as a real estate distributor, you will be able to manage 2-3 deals at once and close them in weeks.

Bottom Line

At this point, we find ourselves with all the necessary information that deciphers; how old do you have to be to sell real estate wholesale. Using the material correctly and concisely will allow us to achieve the stated objectives.

On the other hand, understanding that age is not a limiting factor, begin to walk wholesaling in the real estate. Your skills and abilities to trade will always be the spearhead in this battle. This comes reinforced with the tips and research provided, serving as a guide in searching how old do you have to be to sell real estate wholesale.

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