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Knowing how to locate real estate investment partners in your area will assist you in rapidly growing your portfolio. While investing with other people has a lot of disadvantages, it also has many positives. Let’s find out how to find real estate investors online.

To save time, we will not discuss the advantages and disadvantages of investing with a partner; save to emphasize that you should collaborate with people on a house-by-house basis. Rather than that, let’s discuss a few strategies for locating these partners. This way, you can begin seeing effects immediately.

The amount of information provided on real estate investor websites might be daunting. Certain websites assist investors in gaining knowledge about the real estate business or collaborating with other investors.

Others provide tools for determining the best markets and picking investment homes. Roofstock, a real estate investor website, sells turnkey rental properties, while Stessa assists rental property investors in maximizing earnings through automated revenue and expense tracking, and prudent money management.

Types of Websites for Real Estate Investors

How to Find Real Estate Investors Online

Three distinct types of real estate investor websites exist:

Educational websites

These will assist you in learning from the triumphs and failures of other investors, enabling you to avoid pitfalls and identify new possibilities ahead of the competition.

Websites for communities

Community web pages are a great way to meet other realtors from across the country and worldwide. The more viewpoints you hear and see, the more competent you will become as an investor.

Listing websites

These are an excellent way for distant rental property developers to do business research in areas where housing prices are minimal, and potential gains are higher.

How to Locate Real Estate Investors on the Internet

How to Find Real Estate Investors Online

Here are a few websites where you can find real estate investors.


It’s a simple cloud-based software solution that makes managing single-family and multifamily property assets much more accessible.

Investors can increase their profits by managing their money wisely, automating revenue and expense tracking, and generating economic progress reports for individual houses and profiles.


Roofstock is the only online platform where investors can buy turnkey single-family homes and small multi-unit rental housing already occupied.

In less than four years, the firm helped real estate investors close more than $2 billion in solitary rental deals. Buyers and sellers use the Roofstock Marketplace’s strength to engage in the $4 trillion unattended rental markets, guaranteeing solid and easy to predict cash flows all through the business cycle.


BiggerPockets is a place where new and experienced real estate investors can meet, network, and gain knowledge from one another.

This well-known real estate investor website and forum, which has over 2 million users, guides practically every area of real estate investing, including finding joint venture collaborators, shaping deals, obtaining financing, and making the best investment decisions possible.


Investors can learn how to create rental revenue and optimize it to accomplish economic freedom through real estate with SparkRental.

Homeowner software that enables landlords to evaluate tenants and charge rent online, as well as calculators for determining rental cash flow, are available on the website. There’s also devaluation, engaging maps showcasing the best places to invest in property, and a rental income blog for those obsessed with passive income., formerly known as Landlordology, offers real estate investors publications, clips, and state-specific legal principles to help them own and manage rental property more efficiently and profitably.

Furthermore, the firm collaborates with Cozy to help real estate investors swiftly rent unoccupied properties, perform tenant screening, and collect rent payments online.


While Craigslist is often thought of like a one-stop-shop for everything but real estate, it may be a valuable resource for real estate investors.

This online classifieds website has sections devoted to real estate in almost every major city in the United States. It might be a valuable tool for comparing rents and identifying motivated FSBOs looking to sell their home fast.

One-at-a-Time Rental

While One Rental at a Time is theoretically a YouTube channel operated by author Michael Zuber, it is an excellent place to start for both new and experienced real estate investors.

Michael’s daily videos cover many topics, including multi-millionaire property investors.

The Dealing Machine

As the name suggests, Deal Machine allows investors to send postal pitches to sure homeowners (such as preforeclosure or out-of-state proprietors) and search down hard-to-find property owner details, including mailing and email addresses and phone numbers. allows investors looking for motivated sellers to find for sale by owner assets where the seller chooses to sell their home without the help of a real estate advisor.

Furthermore, the website contains over 1.4 million foreclosure, preforeclosure, insolvency, and tax lien listings.


ActiveRain is the biggest and most active corporate social media platform in the real estate industry, with over 300,000 members.

As demonstrated by this property investor website’s more than 4 million blog posts on all things real estate, knowledge is power.


HousingWire is usually recognized as the most reliable source of information and news regarding the United States’ housing and mortgage markets.

The website offers several email newsletters tailored to each real estate investor’s specific needs, including asset and real estate-related news.


Mashvisor is a website for real estate investors that aims to make property investment more obtainable and efficient. The site assists both new and experienced real estate investors to pick the optimal markets for earning profits, analyzing occupancy and turnover rates, finding reliable information for expressing rental income and expenditure, and finding affordable houses for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should Property Investors Consider Collaborating on Real Estate Investments?

Real estate partner dates back to the Roman Empire and possibly even earlier. While history is fascinating, what are the current benefits of cooperating with other real estate investors?

  • When is it rational?
  • Which individuals make excellent real estate investing partners?
  • What should stumbling blocks be avoided?

This piece will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of real estate partnerships and advise identifying real estate investors with whom to collaborate.

When Should Property Investors Consider Collaborating With Another Real Estate Investor?

A real estate partnership is a method of investing in real estate. Two or more investors pool their resources to acquire a single investment property. Partnerships can be active, in which all parties have equal responsibility for day-to-day administration, or passive income, in which investors are not as involved.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of forming a real estate investing partnership.

What characteristics should internet real estate investing platforms possess?

By verifying the platform’s credentials and security, each site on my list provides well-verified investment options and superior customer service.

Additionally, determine whether you must be an accredited investor to invest, the investment terms, and the types of properties available.

Numerous real estate investments are illiquid, requiring you to hold your money for extended periods. If you believe you may need the money quickly, look for sites that provide shorter periods.

Before signing up for a platform, ensure that you meet the platform’s minimum investment requirement and accreditation requirements. While many sites need a sizable initial commitment, others allow you to get started in real estate for as little as $5.

Apart from the technical and financial facts, it’s critical to ensure that the site and investor dashboard is straightforward to browse when signing up for a real estate investment platform.

Consider the layout of property offerings and the amount of information offered in the listings to aid you in determining the best place to put your money. Numerous sites on this list include past performance data, which will give you a fair notion of how profitable the platform will be.

You’re likely to check in on your portfolio regularly, so having a user-friendly and beautiful dashboard is critical. Additionally, it is beneficial for the site to have a mobile application optimized for mobile viewing. All of my selections for this list include this feature. It enables you to stay on top of your portfolio from anywhere and at any time.

How do locate real estate investors for a joint venture?

You can partner with real estate investors in various ways, including bank finance, a real estate investment club, crowdfunding, your network, online resources, and social media. Let’s go over some specifics for each choice.

  • When Should You Consider Collaborating in Real Estate?
  • In ahead – when exploring for fresh real estate opportunities
  • When you’re prepared to commence your real estate career, career, the crowdfunding campaign
  • When other forms of finance are unavailable
  • To bring the cost of leverage down
  • When it assists in expediting and securing other forms of finance
  • To instill trust in potential investors and lenders
  • When you’re cash-strapped
  • When pursuing a novel sort of real estate transaction

In other circumstances, real estate investors will be unable to collect the necessary funds to close a deal – or at the very least maintain a good comfort cushion.

In other cases, getting partner funding enables greater flexibility, speed, and profit margin expansion. For instance, they are acquiring a low-loan-to-value asset-based loan to cover acquisition costs and utilize partner funds to fund upgrades.

What Characteristics Make a Good Real Estate Investing Partner?

There are numerous prospective partners available, regardless of who you chose as a partner, document EVERYTHING.

  • Members of the family
  • Friends
  • Residents with surplus funds
  • Other investors in real estate
  • Groups engaged in real estate investing
  • Investors in angels
  • Firms engaged in venture capital
  • The public crowd of accredited and peer investors
  • Local governments and housing and real estate organizations

Bottom line

Real estate investing websites are an excellent location to start your journey toward financial independence and passive income.

To use Zillow to investigate market trends around the United States, connecting with like-minded investors on BiggerPockets and Active Rain. Also, estimating the future performance of rental property utilizing Mashvisor’s analytical tools are all excellent places to start.

When you’re ready to take your real estate investing career to the next level, create a free account on Roofstock. Once you’ve defined your search criteria, we’ll alert you when an investment property matching your requirements becomes available.

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