How to Find Real Estate Wholesalers | A Real Estate Expert Guide

There are different ways through which it is possible to find real estate wholesalers. However, some are less effective than others. Therefore, in this article, we provide you with certain ways to learn how to find real estate wholesalers.

How to Find Real Estate Wholesalers

How to Find Real Estate Wholesalers

Investor meetings

Real estate investors meet, and during these meetings, you can contact real estate wholesalers. But it would help if you exercise caution with certain newbies who are present at those events.

Another option is to undertake an online search

Many wholesalers have websites that have been opened for investors who want to compare offers.

Investigating with other investors

Perhaps this is one of the most effective strategies for finding real estate wholesalers. However, the difficulty of secrecy may arise on these to share their source of offers.

Not only investors are useful to have access to the necessary information. On the other hand, this can be provided by title companies, real estate agents, and other people in the business. For example, to find buyers, some wholesalers will email real estate agents.

Find the marketing of wholesalers

This means that you should start a search for, for example, Facebook posts, bandit posters, Craigslist ads, and billboards. Then in all that marketing, you will get a number that you can call and make the contact you are looking for.

Wholesale for a higher price

In exchange for a higher price, a wholesaler finds great real estate deals, fixes them, and finally sells them to another real estate investor for a higher price.

The wholesalers generally do not buy the property, but they do the research, find the best offers, reach the investors, and make a small profit from the offer for their services, giving them to the investors and getting a small one.

That is, the wholesaler’s job is to find the property, fix the deal, and ship it to investors. This happens because there is little time an investor has to investigate. Then they deserve a wholesaler that is completely trustworthy for this work.

When the wholesaler makes the property contract, it is immediately transferred to the investor, who will close the deal according to the date stipulated in the contract. The wholesaler’s profit is between the sale price according to the contract with the seller and the price set with the investor.

Collection from wholesalers

Usually, your collection is translated into a percentage of the sale price, similar to real estate agents. There are fixed rates from certain agents that charge $ 10,000. According to the investment site, it will be the exact cost, as well as it will depend on the market and work dedicated to the project.

Therefore, it is appropriate to review the costs of each investor and select the one that best suits us according to our requirements.

Collections from real estate wholesalers

Real estate wholesalers pass the contract on to the investor before closing. For this reason, many will ask, how do these wholesalers earn their money? Usually, in a real estate transaction, the investor purchases the property and makes the necessary arrangements. Then he sells it more expensively, thus leaving certain profits for himself.

There is no need to follow the main step during wholesaling: the wholesalers purchase and sell the property in no time.

However, when providing this service, wholesalers charge a fee. They do not transfer the contract to the buyer or investor at the same price as it was acquired. They increase the price while preserving the difference between what you received as payment and what you will charge.

That fee covers the cost of finding the home and selling it to the buyer.

Wholesaler versus MLS

Buying from the MLS is very different than buying from a wholesaler. First, the owner will always own the facilities. Second, it means that inspection and appraisals are omitted, thus hindering the search for a loan.

On the other hand, an owner, when leaving, has the power to keep objects on the property. You can also hide difficulties with the house.

When there are problems with the house, people look to sell off the market. In this way, the chances are increased that the buyer will not encounter such difficulties by not listing with an agent. To close the deal, the wholesaler will request a non-refundable guarantee check. In wholesale offers, $ 5,000 is a very popular amount of money to guarantee offers.

Wholesalers use an assignment contract to sell the rights of the contract to the seller. So it is recommended to check the contract they have with the seller to verify its legitimacy and what they stipulate before payment.

Buying from a wholesaler as a real estate agent

When you are a real estate agent and broker, you must acquire houses somewhat different from other investors who are not. If a deal is purchased that is not on the list, it is time to say that you are an agent to comply with the respective state laws and other disclosures.

There is lead-based paint disclosure and necessary documents signed by the seller, but the wholesaler may not have them.

You must verify the signature of these documents if you take over the contract at the same time that you must ask the seller to sign his statement stating that you are an agent and that there is the possibility of making money from such a deal. (Making them market properties to be acquired).

As an agent, when making purchases of wholesale offers or perhaps off the market, you should be sure to inquire with the real estate commission of your state to learn about the actions to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good wholesaler?

It does business with the producers investing large sums of money. In this way, the producer is carefree when selling their products. Additionally, a good wholesaler offers its services and facilities to the retailer, releasing said anguish.

What are the pros and cons of buying from a wholesaler?


  • They have lower prices.
  • They sell a good amount of merchandise.


  • Limited quality control.
  • Discomfort to store the purchase.

How does an investor buy from a wholesaler?

Real estate wholesaling is a business strategy (a short-term one) that investors use to make big profits. For example, instead of buying a house and selling it, a wholesaler contracts it with the seller and finds an interested party in buying the property.

How do you find a great wholesaler?

  • The first step is to understand the distribution channels.
  • Check the manufacturer.
  • Make initial productive contact.
  • When searching online, be specific.
  • Start your wholesale search.
  • Inquire among the most important markets.
  • Sign up for professional networks.

How do you find your first real estate wholesale offer?

The first step is to immediately call real estate agents and ask if they are interested in working with investors. The second step will be to focus on marketing all the lists, not one in particular. Then lastly, locate FSBO properties and contact the owners directly.

Bottom Line

Good deals may not be that easy to find, although wholesalers have the potential to be a huge bargain base. If you have ever had contact with people who claim to be wholesalers who never have any offers, do not believe that there are no decent wholesalers in your area.

Just consider that finding the good ones might take longer and require more. Making contacts and socializing with other real estate investors in your area is very helpful because you may have additional offers that they can send you.

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