How to Get Leads for Wholesaling Real Estate | 13 Ways to Apply

Having many leads is your most valuable asset as a real estate wholesaler. When you put a property on the market for less than its market worth, you aim to locate a cash buyer quickly so you can close on a lucrative transaction. Thus, we have made this post to show you how to get leads for wholesaling real estate.

The key to your success is having a network of people you can call on when you have a chance to seize. Consider it an updated version of the old contact book, complete with property investors and their needs. You risk losing wholesaling transactions or being trapped with a wholesale property if you don’t have it. With a buyers list, you’ll know precisely what you can sell and which areas to focus on for quick processing and more money.

What is a Wholesale Buyers List, and how does it work?

How to Get Leads for Wholesaling Real Estate

A wholesale buyers list is a collection of cash purchasers, real estate speculators, opportunists, and entrepreneurs looking out for the next great thing. It’s a list of everybody you know in the business who can assist you make money on a contract.

The following information should get included on your buyers’ list: first and last name, contact information (office & mobile), and email address. This list of possible real estate leads should also contain the following information to assist you in contacting the appropriate buyer for the right deal:

  • Purchasing criterion (e.g., single or multifamily, commercial, etc.)
  • The project’s nature (e.g., rehab, prehab, rental, etc.)
  • Type of finance (for example, cash up to $250K, seller financing, etc.)
  • Particulars (e.g., will purchase with non-paying tenants)

The majority of investors have a certain amount of money they’re willing to invest. Your buyer’s list guarantees that investors get presented with opportunities that meet their investment requirements. This will improve efficiency and increase the number of cash purchasers.

How to Get Leads for Wholesaling Real Estate

How To Get Leads For Wholesaling Real Estate

Here are some real estate lead creation tactics that anybody may use in addition to your Wholesale Buyers List:

Send cards

You could always find time to send out a few parcels each week, even if your advertising budget is almost non-existent. Yellow letters, postcards, jumbo posters, bi-fold, tri-fold pamphlets, and other materials are available. It doesn’t have to be complex, however.

Thanks, seasonal and personal cards and letters may also make a big difference. They don’t even have to get planned as sales pitches; they need to remain in contact and be at the front of people’s minds when they need your services.

Auto responders for email

Email is still the cheapest method of real estate marketing. It’s also one of the most efficient ways to ensure that every lead and contact you create becomes an actual sale.

Everyone has time to drop a few emails into a platform that will keep a marketing for them even when they are asleep, traveling, or doing another job.

This is whether it’s structured like an email course, saying “Hi” a few times a year, or delivering important notifications on local house prices. If you don’t think you’re a good writer, engage a freelancer to do it for you.

Attending real estate events and networking

If you visit the realty events in an hour, you may meet scores of people, clients, and lead channels. Some of the most popular sorts of buyers include cash buyers, enthusiastic sellers, financing businesses, realty distributors, rehabilitators, and tenants.

They’re all there, and you must go to these events if you want to meet people who share your passions. Come forth and lend a helping hand.

You may take part in the event or join as a partner and put up a booth. Consider visiting realtor events, international conferences, and activities linked to the building and loan financing businesses.

Outdoor advertising & billboards

Billboards, bench advertisements, bus advertisements, and other forms of advertising still have a role. Although it is not as responsive as other means of lead creation, it may help with exposure and branding.

It still has a high level of trustworthiness. It may not be inexpensive in contrast, but situations are necessary. Examine the many choices and pricing ranges to determine what you can afford.

Realtor recommendations

You may obtain referrals from realtors. Every day, they’re out there conversing with the exact leads you desire to work with. They also put a lot of time and resources into engaging with individuals and creating leads.

They can find off-market deals as well as help you with a lot of the work on diverse public MLS listings. Although not all contacts they establish may be quite a suitable fit for their services, many will be terrific opportunities for you to purchase, lease, or sell.

This might be an excellent approach to save both time and resources.”Remember that the best way to get a reference is to provide one.”


Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites for networking and advertising your business. In recent years, Twitter has evolved into a lot more polished platform.

It is the favored mode of communication for many professionals, including entrepreneurs and well-known investors. It may be used to publish to your feed on a regular basis, set up your SEO, market your services, and send push notifications to those who might be interested in them. You may also use Snapchat to organize tournaments, competitions, and polls.


Snapchat seems to have eclipsed Facebook and maybe even Instagram in terms of popularity. Even if they fail to create an email or join Facebook, millions of people will use Snap to interact daily.

It could be able to assist you in taking your realty organization to new heights while also keeping you up to date. Post, network, and enjoy yourself.


Even though it is no more as hip as in the past, millions worldwide use Facebook daily. For sure generations, it is still the preferred social media platform.

It’s possible that you’ll utilize it to promote your news feed, improve your SEO, and monitor realty leads.


LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the most sophisticated marketing-oriented social network accessible today. There, millions of individuals go to obtain the latest news, find talent for their companies, and interact with experts who can help them.

Similar to earlier social networking sites, it may be used to contribute articles, promote your skills, run sponsored advertising, execute direct promotion through DMs, and trade suggestions. Ads on this network will almost certainly be quite costly than on other platforms, but they may offer greater specialty targeting.

Auctions of real estate

Auctions are an excellent path to get down to work quickly. There are sellers that are quite eager to sell their property. In addition to typical foreclosure auctions, tax lien sales and online property auctions are offered.

This includes HUD dwellings and government-owned realty assets. Many of these bids may become commonplace to locate new buyers and financiers.

Other real estate investors’ referrals

It is not necessary for you to compete with other buyers. They have the ability to become your most important business partners and friends. As an asset flipper, you’ll obviously need realty marketers and buy-and-hold renters to identify and complete deals.

Other flippers, on the other hand, maybe partners and references. Not all offers they obtain will be suitable for them, but this one might be. Make as many business connections as possible. And be helpful with your help.

Article promotion

There are local community newsletters and the fully online, where you may publish your content in addition to regular newspapers. This may be a powerful tool for increasing exposure, branding, positioning, reputation management, SEO, and lead generation.

Some will accept your stuff and post it for free. Sponsorships may get required in some instances. Also, some may even compensate you for your efforts. To make copywriting and placement a continuous element of your operations, consider outsourcing it so you can focus on higher-value jobs.

Attorneys for probate

Probate properties may be very profitable investments. To stay functioning and avoid being a burden in their communities, they must be recycled. Heirs require aid in selling inherited assets, minimizing additional debt and liabilities, and transforming gifts into cash.

Regardless, a probate attorney will be engaged in the procedure. They might be much more useful as friends and reference partners than as roadblocks to the company you’re trying to shut down. Create a list of these experts and explain how you could aid them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate leads for wholesaling real estate?

Yes. The above tips on how to get leads for wholesaling real estate will aid you immensely.

Is it possible to make money by wholesaling real estate?

Yes. Real estate wholesaling is profitable. Real estate wholesalers may anticipate earning $5,000-$10,000 in commission per property on average. This procedure may go rapidly if you have a property, a contract, and a potential buyer.

How many real estate wholesalers go out of business?

This is quite true if you’re new to real estate wholesaling. As a newcomer to real estate wholesaling, you have a 50% chance of failing. As a result, you must be emotionally and financially prepared for this.

What does a real estate wholesaler do?

A wholesaler in realty wholesaling arranges a contract with a seller before looking for a buyer. In addition, the distributor finds a buyer for the residence. This is often higher than the merchant’s, and the discrepancy is kept as profit.


In conclusion, real estate investing comes with diverse merits. And if you need more help on how to get leads for wholesaling real estate, the tips above will aid you immensely. 

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