How to Invest 1 Million Dollars in Real Estate | 6 Best Places to Invest Now

There are a few key things to remember when investing 1 million dollars in real estate. The first is that you will need at least a 10% down payment, if not more, as well as a substantial amount of cash for closing costs. You should also be prepared to spend time on the property, making repairs and renovations where necessary, following safety guidelines closely, and complying with all local ordinances. In this guide, I will show you how to invest 1 million dollars in real estate. 

Furthermore, you should have an exit strategy before committing your money to any property – especially since it can take years for properties to sell or rent out after being purchased.

Emerging Markets can be found almost anywhere, yet many people neglect the ones right in their backyard. Our company is based in Silicon Valley, one of the most expensive cities in the country (with the lowest cap rate).

Other real estate agents thought we were crazy when we started offering the city of Stockton (which is around 1.5 hours from Silicon Valley) to investors back in 2016. All they’ve heard is about the bankruptcy it went through during the downturn and how it became known as the foreclosure capital during the mortgage crisis.

How to Invest 1 Million Dollars in Real Estate

How to Invest 1 Million Dollars in Real Estate

When it comes to investing, there are many different options out there. But when you want to invest a large sum of money, real estate is the way to go. If you’re wondering how to invest 1 million dollars in real estate, read on for some tips. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when investing that kind of money. First, think about your goals and what you want to achieve with your investment. Are you looking for short-term profits, or are you hoping for long-term appreciation?

Next, do your research and find a good investment property in a desirable area. Finally, be prepared to put in some hard work – this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme!


There are a lot of hotels being built these days, and it has been a stable industry for investment. For instance, the Milner hotel, situated in downtown Toronto was bought for 650 thousand dollars and resold four years later for 2 million dollars than two years after that sold again for 3 million dollars. It shows that investing in hotels has been very profitable even back then. 

If this project were to be done today, it would be considered a steal, given the market’s current state. The key here is to start small by acquiring a property or two until you accumulate enough capital before taking on bigger projects such as a hotel.

Apartment Complexes

This is also a sound investment of 1 million dollars. A recent study has shown that the average rate of return for an apartment complex investment was 15.4% in 5 years and 19.3% in 10 years nationwide when compared to stocks, treasury bills, and CD’s which only averaged 7%, 8%, and 9% returns respectively over the same timeframes.

Another benefit of this investment is that it is generally less risky than others since people will always need to stay. Again, start small by purchasing one or two complexes until you have enough money to buy a bigger one. 

Shopping Malls 

This type of real estate investment is becoming increasingly popular with real estate investors because it is easier to manage than owning a Hotel or an Apartment complex. There are also different shopping malls that you can invest in; for instance, there are enclosed malls that you open from 9 am until 5 pm, and then there’s the power center that is open from 8 am until 11 pm. 

Another benefit is that unlike owning a hotel where maintaining your property takes up most of your time, the more tenants you get in a mall, the better since everyone will share maintenance costs.

You can start small with a small strip mall or even a corner store and work your way up towards bigger shopping complexes once you have enough money to do so.

Industrial Space 

This type of real estate investment is one of the least popular because it requires more work and is riskier than owning hotels, apartments, or shopping malls.

For example, you will have to negotiate deals with companies that you want to lease out your property for a certain number of years before they decide whether or not to rent it from you. 

This type of investment also has higher holding costs since your tenants may ask for repair services which could cost thousands of dollars depending on what is wrong with their facility.

However, this type of investment generally has the highest returns. Once you can earn enough money, move on towards buying bigger projects such as an apartment complex or hotel where the return rates are lower but so are the risks.

Industrial parks

Industrial parks are a great investment as long as you ensure they are located in areas where there is a strong demand for industrial space. In addition, use the money from your other investments to pay off any mortgages on this type of property until it is fully paid off before reinvesting all your profits.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) 

This type of real estate investment involves purchasing shares from a company that invests in shopping malls, hotels, and apartment complexes, among others.

This type of investing takes less time than owning a hotel or even an apartment complex since you only have to manage the market value of your shares which can be bought and sold anytime via stock exchanges. You will also receive dividends from the company depending on how much money they make from their tenants.

The only downside to this type of investment is that it is less liquid which means you can’t get your money out as quickly as you want. In addition, there is always the risk that the company could go bankrupt, which would leave you with nothing. However, if you do your research and pick a stable company, then this type of investment can be very profitable in the long run.

What is the Problem with Investing in Real Estate?

How to Invest 1 Million Dollars in Real Estate

The biggest problem with investing in real estate is that it may be hard to get your money back, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Therefore, start small and work your way up towards buying bigger investment properties by compartmentalizing your 1 million dollars into smaller amounts.

For instance, buy two duplexes worth 500 thousand dollars each instead of buying one house for the same amount. The reason is, if anything goes wrong with either duplex, at least you will still have one property generating revenue while the other is being fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one couple choose to invest $1 million in cash in real estate?

As exciting as this is, I make it a point to ensure that the purchasers’ tactics are aligned with their long-term goals.

This couple was astute enough to hire an attorney and get a good deal on their home. This would cover the cost of their land and the cost of missed revenue from their farm. They would have just over $1 million left over when the property closed, and they had paid off all of their other expenses.

How to Invest 1 Million Dollars for Income?

Technically, if you set up a regular withdrawal from your fund, your stock and ETF assets may generate income. However, if you want anything put up that doesn’t require you to use the asset, here are the choices for you.

If you want to discover how to invest $1 million to make money, rent outhouses, or purchase a business!

Investing in rental homes, one of the few assets you’ll have, and maintaining a physical asset can be a terrific method to diversify your portfolio outside the stock market.

For some, owning a physical item gives them more confidence in their investment because it is less ambiguous. And it’s hailed by some of the world’s wealthiest individuals as one of the best methods to generate money!

What Should You Ask Yourself Before Investing 1 Million Dollars?

What is my level of risk tolerance? If you can’t afford to lose your investment, your risk tolerance is low. If you were mostly unaffected financially and lost your investment, your risk tolerance would be considered quite high.

What are my financial goals? 

Develop an investment strategy that is tailored to your specific financial goals regularly. How can you expect to be successful if you don’t have a clear goal in mind? The trick is to figure out what financial goals you wish to achieve. You may wish to invest to save for retirement, construct a college fund for your children, or generate monthly income flow.

How to Make 1 Million Dollars by Investing Just 100K Dollars

To begin, make sure you have an emergency fund of at least 3 to 6 months’ worth of expenses set aside. Second, you don’t have any credit card debt with a high-interest rate. Finally, you have either maxed out your contributions for the year or have a retirement account to which you have consistently contributed and will continue to do so in the future.

If you haven’t done so already, begin with any of the three items indicated above. After you’ve checked these three boxes, you’re ready to consider your investment options.

What is the Best Way to invest $100,000 In Real Estate?

The three primary ways to invest in real estate are conventional rental properties, REITs, and Crowd-sourcing Real Estate. Each has its own set of risks, requirements, obstacles, and opportunities for passive income.

We’ve all seen programs on television about individuals who acquire rental properties, fix them up, and then resell them for a profit in the conventional sense. They do not clarify what happens when a switch fails, even though it seems profitable and uncomplicated. While “turning” any investment properties might result in gain, it can also substantially lost.

If you’re considering this option, be sure your calculations add up to a decent return on investment. Follow those figures as if it were your life on the line because it is!

Buying a home, condo, duplex, or apartment, living in it until you exceed it, and then maintaining it as an investment portfolio rather than disposing of it to purchase a new one is another option to invest in traditional real estate. If purchased at the appropriate moment and in the right market, renting your house may produce passive income, start paying off your mortgage, and then some.

Bottom line

If you have $1 million to invest, you can choose from a wide range of investment opportunities. The key is to select assets that provide you with a return on your investment capital and your money invested.

The good news is that doing both is extremely achievable, and for many people, investing a portion of their $1 million in real estate is the best combination of risk and reward.

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