How to Start an Airbnb Business without Owning a House | 8 Step Guide

Air BnB is a virtual platform that connects property owners who intend to earn a few bucks by putting their properties up for travelers to rent out. It’s a convenient option for tourists and budget travelers who are not well acquainted with areas and places. So, the most suitable choice is to reserve a place to stay via air BnB online and save you from the trouble of roaming around on the streets, helpless at night. Besides, it’s a viable monetary strategy for property owners. Let’s learn how to start an Airbnb business without owning a house.

But one thing that causes perplexity among the masses is, can someone without property ownership indulge in air BnB money earning business? Indeed, one with no property, house, or place can still become a part of an air BnB network to make good money. Here are a few ways you can;

How to Start an Airbnb Business without owning a House

How to Start an Airbnb Business without Owing a House

Become a Property Manager

A property manager deals with people who want to rent out, buy or sell properties. So opting for the profession of a short-term rental property manager can benefit you in this regard.

Your key responsibility will mainly include overlooking day-to-day activities vital to the rental business, such as maintenance, hygiene, cleaning the apartments or places, staying in contact with property owners and potential customers, bookings, check-in, and check-out process, etc. Besides, marketing, finance, and other departments must also be dealt with precisely.

Rent a Furnished House

This option seems viable if someone wants to start their own Airbnb and lacks the financial resources to set up a business. This is an excellent option if you’re starting your own Airbnb with minimal startup cost. A furnished house is the best option because the furnished house you will rent has all those you need to create an Airbnb business.

For this, you should have persuasion skills to convince the landholder of the house to sublet your property as Airbnb to start right away. Before subletting the property as Airbnb, you have reviewed the rules and regulations of the specific location because there might be some cities that do not allow someone to sublet a property.

But, this option is the best to start your own Airbnb business with less startup cost where you have to buy things like bathroom essentials and some kitchen essentials.


You can easily position yourself as an air BnB consultant with minimum startup cost, professional capabilities, and prior experience in this business. You can help other individuals who are in their early stages of becoming an entrepreneur boost their business by maximizing bookings, offering additional services, and ensuring a pleasant customer experience. 

A professional air BnB photographer

Now, this is something the digital immigrants know so well. Setting frames and taking high-quality pictures using that I’m at phones is what 9 out of 10 people know.

So turn this unusual talent into your way of making money by signing or presenting yourself as a professional photographer on digital platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This is best for those who find photography interesting.

Launch air BnB cleaning services

Another thing that wouldn’t require one to own a property is launching cleaning services for air BnB specifically since this is the most significant business function.

The hosts outsource cleaning services mainly, which means you will get work since tourism is just expanding. So we can easily infer that air BnB and other businesses associated with tourism are based on a sustainable model. Besides, setting up cleaning services doesn’t involve many complexities and requires a low startup cost or initial money to run the business.

Contact Homeowners who are interested in renting their homes

If you can convince the landlord of the property, you can be a successful person in the Airbnb business from the start because many people cannot do that. Again, in this option, you need to approach and convince the landlord of the property who is interested in renting.

You don’t need any lease in this option; that’s the only difference it has if you compare it with renting a furnished house. After approaching the landlord, you have to convince them that they can make more money than ever. This will surely make the landlord interested in giving you the property so that you can use it like Airbnb. 

Put another way, it has zero risks, and you can get all the benefits this business can provide.

A marketing manager:

Today’s world is driven by digital media, which is why digital marketing has become one of the emerging fields today. If you are acquainted with marketing using online forums, then help people stay ahead of the competition, especially the hosts in air BnB, and guide them in making progress.

Besides, to become a marketing manager or a marketing expert, you must have basic knowledge about the essential marketing elements such as creating SEO-optimized relevant content, blogging, lead generation, web designing, social media marketing, etc.

Co-Host to an Airbnb host

Most of the readers in the audience are still new to the Airbnb business and are aspiring to start with something, so this is also a great option if you are new to this subject, becoming a co-host to an air BnB host means acting like an assistant to a host. Your main tasks for becoming a co-host to a host would be: 

  • Confirming all the bookings booked by the guests
  • Engaging with the customers if they have any queries
  • Property inspection
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Cleaning the property
  • Necessary items should be restocked
  • Check-in and checkouts
  • Reviewing the reviews by the guests
  • Writing reviews for the guests.


The above discussion entails ways which one can deploy to earn their bread and butter without much inconvenience. Now, you must see which method is more convenient and suits your schedule and preferences. You don’t need a significant, fat initial investment to get started with air BnB or ample experience in the said business to excel, but relevant information, a clear vision, a viable business plan, and a good execution strategy.

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