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Before you even begin your Realtor career, you must figure out how to generate real estate sales leads. It all depends on what kind of leads you’re looking for. In this guide, I will discuss types of real estate leads.

Potential buyers can visit an open house without an appointment if the property is open to the public for a set time. Everyone who enters the building is a prospective customer. However, leaving a sign-in sheet and a pen at the door isn’t enough to capture leads from an open house.

As soon as people enter the building, begin interacting with them. Do not be afraid to make them feel at home, especially if they are only interested neighbors who are not in the market to buy.

If you want to get your visitors’ email addresses or phone numbers, have a couple of different methods on hand at all times. You should also bring information about the market and your contact information on business cards.

So, real estate investors and business owners, brokers, and agents are all in the business of generating leads. Authorities power your business. They are essential to your well-being. Your earnings will raise in direct proportion to the number of agreements you complete and the quality of those deals.

Types of Real Estate Leads

Types of Real Estate Leads

Realtors Should Be Aware of These Six Types of Prospects

According to their quality, the following are the six kinds of real estate leads:

  • Referrals
  • Natural
  • Gateways/ Portals
  • PPC
  • Media Contacts
  • Records/ Lists

The nature and number of leads generated per unit of effort are more important, as depicted in the graph above.

For a single day of lead creation or dollar invested, you may get one referral lead, or 100 listing leads. So, after all the work, you may get one close.

It is a fallacy to claim that one setup is superior to another. It means that as you go down the list, you’ll have to compensate for brilliance with quantity.

If you have a large number of high-quality leads, it doesn’t entail you can’t turn them into a large number of leaders. As a result, top agents’ references are constantly available!

Referral Leads

The most essential thing you can do to encourage people to recommend you is to know what to look for and where to look for them doing a great job. When it comes to recommendations, an agent’s credibility is crucial.

Even when your commission check gets paid, go higher with customer appreciation gifts, outstanding communication, and many follow-ups. Make sure you’re constantly on your clients’ thoughts, both current and future!

Referrals from agents and businesses might also be beneficial. You may opt for referral networks such as Referral Exchange and Opacity, as well as bank affiliate programs such as USAA Mover’s merit.

Reasons for Contacting You Friends and relatives are more trustworthy than Google reviews, BBB ratings, and internet searches for recommending a product or service.

Moreover, most purchasers and marketers seek recommendations from their relatives. The social evidence of a client recommending you to another person is the most persuasive endorsement.

Who Should Be the Primary Aim of Referral Lead Generation?

Everybody! This is a hallmark of a well-established, high-quality realty firm. Many of the most successful real estate brokers rely only on referrals. Low cost in comparison to other means of marketing.

Organic Leads

One way to encourage visitors to get in touch with your business when they’re ready is with this sample landing page. Using Search Engine Optimization on Your Website Audiences on the internet and through social media.

Prospects generated by email marketing

A strong case can be made for organic products. In the context of SEO, it is often referred to as “Google ranking.” Organic leads come from your audience as well. Anyone who views your material without paying to get it before them is a lead that you’ve generated naturally.

That said, significantly when scaling, a combination of organic and sponsored traffic is often necessary. However, the ultimate objective is to generate organic leads. Automated lead generating is here!

You can’t find them anywhere.

They’ve tracked you down.

A content marketer’s target audience is this group of people: Organic Google placement is a goal for content marketers who provide high-quality material (such as blogs, e-books, and websites) for their clients. People are more likely to visit your site or read your content if it’s of excellent quality and ranks well on search engines like Google.

As a “lead magnet,” you can also utilize your content to entice people to sign up for your email list.

It’s not just Google, either—all of your online presence counts. For example, these are folks who follow your Twitter account, engage your YouTube channel, or have liked your Facebook page. Your audience is what you’re trying to reach. People who have never transacted with you but are familiar with, believe in, and like you.

Reasons for contacting you because you’ve won their confidence before they even contact you, these are high-quality web leads.

For months, I’ve been reading your blog. We’re preparing to put our house on the market in July, and I’d want to set up an appointment with you. Organic lead creation and content marketing both produce these kinds of emails. No one needs to be convinced of the value of your services. Already sold out!

With a great mailing list and high-quality material, you could be able to get some of these people’s email addresses who utilize your services.

Who Should Be the Primary Aim of an Organic Lead Campaign?

Bloggers, YouTubers, content creators, website nerds, and social media flutterers fall into this category. Most real estate agents are likely to focus on organic leads. As soon as you’ve laid the groundwork, these leads are free! There is no recurring charge. There’s no need to worry about it. They’re both your target market and your source of new leads.

It can take months or even years for an organic lead creation process to become established. Start generating organic leads as soon as possible, but be set to augment them with purchased leads as you get started.

Premier Agents from Zillow Realtor.com Zillow Homes.com, what to look for, and Where to Find Them You can purchase leads from the portals, and massive house search websites. Due to their considerable funds and tech know-how, they can rank for many of the most favorable terms on Google. You’ll never be able to measure up with them.

But why strive when you can join in with them?

It’s quite lawful to promote on one or several portals in order to maintain your pipeline filled.

The reason for Contacting People is to submit their information while actively in search or selling a home qualifies as “hot” leads.

These leads do not yet link with a specific agency, unlike referrals or organic leads. They’re like a springboard! Anyone can have it!

On the other hand, they have a high degree of confidence in the gateway they’re using. As a result, you and other realtors with images easily placed next to the asset they desire will contact you.

Portal Leads

Online shoppers used to the convenience of immediate gratification are more likely to be watching houses on portals than those who aren’t. This indicates that they expect a response from a representative when they submit a request for more details.

So many portals distribute leads to different agents at once, allowing the fastest and most competent to win.

However, some agents have established their entire careers on Zillow and have done quite well. These leads are critical to the success of many high-performing organizations. It does what it’s supposed to.

  • Leads are generated through paid social media advertising.
  • Advertising on Facebook using Facebook Ad Manager.


You may find Curaytor at BoldLeads. You don’t have to hire a professional to run Facebook Ads. Some best practices are similar to PPC for campaign optimization, and they may be pretty expensive. As an option, you may also outsource this one.

Fortunately, service providers like BoldLeads are happy to help you find leads.

There are services like Curaytor that assist in creating your own Facebook advertising campaigns, and they provide greater control over your budget.

The reasons for contacting you are a fortunate coincidence that sent this opportunity your way.

You can target ads on social media platforms to specific groups. However, social media ads are intrusive, as opposed to PPC ads, where you can be confident the person is actively looking for what you have to offer. When your ad appears in someone’s timeline, they’re probably more interested in watching cat videos than looking at houses for sale.

As a result, you’ll need to get your ad in front of a large number of potential customers. In addition, the message is frequently diluted to elicit a response. For example, Curious George’s who aren’t looking to sell their home will be interested in “Find out what your home is worth,” for example.

As a result, social media ads have the lowest lead quality.

Who Is the Best Person to Approach for Social Media Leads?

It’s important to be ready to sort through the rubbish and determine which leads are worthwhile, which are merely a waste of time and money due to the lead quality. Make sure your CRM and follow-up systems are up to snuff.

You’ll be inundated with prospects!

Leads from Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

An example of property Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements on Google Where to Find Google AdWords BoomTown Running campaigns on Google AdWords are possible. Because it is sophisticated and competitive, it is recommended to hire ad improvement, A/B screening, and so on.

Many digital marketing companies are available to manage your AdWords projects. PPC advertising is a feature that many real estate websites charge a fee for.

You can’t rely on Google alone. In addition, Bing offers a marketing campaign.

Reasons for Contacting You These potential customers look for specific solutions. What is the value of my house? What are the people in this area like? Which areas of my municipality are eligible for USDA loans?

This type of search yields both organic and paid results. They will click on these optimized results if they promise to meet their wants, and that means more money for your company.

PPC should be targeted to whom?

PPC should be targeted to whom

Agents who have a lot of money and a good track record use PPC is pricey. Conversions might cost up to $1000 on average. Even if they may not close for six to twelve months, you still have to fork over the money up the advance.

Because it’s such a competitive industry, you’ll want to take advantage of any purchaser leads you to get. These new leads will need an excellent guide and control mechanism. Even a few lost chances might hurt your ROI.

Even yet, don’t be terrified of PPC leads; at least one-third of the best US agents and teams depend on them to some level.

Social Media

In CoreLogic’s Realist application, I am creating mailing lists.

  • What to Look for and Where to Find Them
  • With USPS “EDDM” (Ever Door Direct Mail), you may cover whole postal routes with postcards and create a manageable list.
  • It’s easier to stand out now because direct mail isn’t as popular as it once was.
  • Vulcan 7 and RedX, for example, provide lists of phone numbers for expiring, FSBOs, and other potential home sellers.
  • The latest “smart lists” like SmartZip offer to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to predict which house sellers are likely to move, allowing you to target your advertising to them.


Do you get a list of potential leads from your real estate office, and they tell you to call them? The question is, how many of them are a waste?

The reason for this is that they aren’t vetted leads. If a potential buyer is unqualified, they aren’t ready to buy a home at this time. Unqualified leads have the following characteristics:

  • Incapable of affording to buy a property
  • Isn’t the time appropriate for you to buy or sell?
  • Nobody knows about your real estate firm.
  • They haven’t even begun the process of selling or purchasing.
  • Typically, they do not become clients who subsequently spread the word about your company.
  • Unqualified leads have a greater churn rate, which means they’re less likely to do business with you in the future.
  • Instead, a qualified lead is a person who has been through the selling or purchasing process and:
  • They’ve done their homework on the many organizations out there.
  • There’s a stronger connection between the client and the agent.
  • They know what they want and why they want it.
  • They are well-versed in financial matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of real estate content are right for social media?

Now that we’ve established which social media platforms are most important to us, it’s time to talk about the many types of real estate postings we may make on those platforms.

Social media in real estate is different from other fields in that you don’t have to be afraid to talk about what you’re trying to sell.

A content calendar with various (and not solely sales-oriented) articles is essential for real estate marketing. Instead of bombarding your followers with sales pitches, have a look at these ideas for engaging and growing your following on Instagram.

How to Win With Different Types of Real Estate Leads?

The Conversion of a Lead There is no generic real estate lead because not all house buyers are the same. In the home-buying process, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

Depending on how and where buyers contact you and where they are in the home-buying process, how you respond to them is likely to vary. To win with your leads, you must first grasp the many types of information and how best to cater to each one.

There are three categories of contacts that you may see in your Zillow Premier Agent inbox: leads, buyers, and sellers.

Does the Investment in Real Estate Leads Pay Off?

To keep up with today’s buyers and sellers, most real estate brokers have realized that they must have an online presence. Online lead purchases are worth it for those who lack an extensive network or referrals and want to expand their business.

To determine if buying leads is worthwhile, you must first decide on your monthly marketing budget and the best way to allocate it. Only if you’re going to follow up on every lead you get is it worth investing in lead creation.

What Do Lead Generation Companies in the Real Estate Industry Do?

Real estate lead-generating companies help real estate brokers to find new clients (either buyers or sellers), also known as lead and direct them to a particular brokerage or agency. When people search for homes on sites like Google, Zillow, or Facebook, a lead generation company will advertise and market.

If you bought leads in the area, they’re looking in. The company will sell your contact information to that person. There is no assurance that these leads will close or react to you if you call these companies.

How to Get Real Estate Leads?

  • Forge alliances.
  • Throw a housewarming celebration.
  • Eat at the same place every week.
  • Send a handwritten message.
  • Use the internet as a marketing tool.
  • Promote your business via more conventional media.
  • Creating a personal website is an excellent way to express yourself online.
  • Create a specialized market.
  • Use ‘Coming Soon’ signage.
  • Attend a housewarming party.
  • Use LinkedIn to find new customers.
  • Set up instructive gatherings.
  • Leads should not be overlooked.
  • ‘For Sale by Owner’ listings are a good starting point.
  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you see any expired ads.
  • Rely on referrals from happy customers.
  • Divorce leads to work.

Having a variety of new lead generation strategies on hand can help you deal with the unpredictability of the real estate market. The following are tips on thinking outside the box and staying one step ahead of the competition.

Bottom line

After all, if you’re going to cold contact every lead and visit every bake sale in town, you’re going to put yourself at risk.

Concentrate on free lead creation activities that can be easily incorporated into your existing lead control system, no matter how strange or unusual they are. To assess the value of your leads, you must first understand where they originate and the steps to manage them once they arrive.

It should also give you an idea of which lead ideas to start with (natural and sponsored) while also allowing you to use paid sources of lead to keep your company afloat in the meanwhile.

As the last point, maybe this clarifies why a lead’s quality is so high, to begin with. “The leads were quite bad!” is a common criticism I hear from realtors. Yes, they very likely were, relying on the source! All of the sorts mentioned above are generating a lot of revenue for agents. But that’s to be quite expected.

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