Which State Has the Easiest Real Estate Exam | Tips to Pass Easily

Which state has the easiest real estate exam? Many people usually ask this question today. As a result, we’ve written this article to assist you. Employees are not treated equally in all states. It’s no different for Real Estate Agent careers and exams.

We understand how difficult a real estate test can be. And, to make things a little simpler for you, we’ve compiled the information you’ll need to decide where you’d want to take your test.

According to our analysis, Massachusetts is the best state for Real Estate examinations in the US. There, most candidates have it relatively simple. This is true since the state only needs 40 hours of pre-licensing training. Before sitting for the test, you must first complete a state-approved real estate school.

PSI offers the real estate exam in Massachusetts. Within two years after finishing the requisite salesperson education, you must apply for and pass the licensing test. The cost of taking the test is $54 for each try.

There are 120 questions on the Massachusetts Realty Exam. There are 80 entries in the National segment and 40 in the State section. To finish the test, you will have 240 minutes (4 hours). The duration for the National segment is 150 minutes (2.5 hours), while the time for the State section is 90 minutes (1.5 hours).

The Massachusetts Realty Salesperson Exam has a passing score of 56/80 on the national exam and 28/40 on the state component.

You will get a score paper shortly after finishing the test, indicating whether you passed or failed. If it’s labeled “Fail,” you’ll get a breakdown of your score throughout the exam’s various sections. If you decide to retake the examination, utilize this as a study guide.

Is the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam Difficult?

Which State Has the Easiest Real Estate Exam

The Massachusetts Realty Salesperson Exam has a 70 percent pass rate. Compared to tests from other American states, this one is a little easier. Make sure you study attentively in your pre-license class and prepare diligently. We are confident that you will pass on your first try if you put out the necessary effort.

Tips to Succeed Real Estate Exam

Which State Has the Easiest Real Estate Exam

As previously stated, the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam is somewhat simpler. On the other hand, it’s essential to be prepared to go through the exam without any problems. As a result, the following advice will be pretty beneficial to you:

Recognize which “advice” to disregard.

Before taking the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam, you’ll certainly seek out “mentors” who have previously gone through the process. It’s only reasonable to seek guidance from those who have taken the test themselves.

Hearing about someone people’s own experience can help you prepare for the test when the time comes.

However, not every piece of advice, mainly those agents, will assist you in your quest. Those agents are well-known. You’ve probably encountered agents who boast about passing their real estate licensing test on the first attempt in under an hour.

The trouble is, you only have four hours (240 minutes) to complete your exam. Finishing early does not get you brownie points. Take your time while taking the exam. Trying to keep up with others in terms of speed can overlook simple solutions. Also, don’t believe anybody who promises you the test is simple. It’s not the case. It becomes easier as you get more prepared, but it’s never easy.

Take a Test of Proficiency

Some of us are natural test-takers. Some of us, though, aren’t. It doesn’t imply you don’t understand the topic if you fall into the latter category. It’s also not a guarantee that you’ll fail the real estate licensing test.

Here’s a solution for those who have trouble taking exams: More practice exams should get accepted. Nervousness, poor time management, and cerebral exhaustion, according to studies, may all have a significant impact on your chances of passing the exam.

Overcome test anxiety

  • Get more at ease with the notion of taking an exam.
  • Don’t only mentally prepare yourself for the exam.
  • Take the exam (in practice mode) to familiarize yourself with the structure and sorts of questions you’ll face in the real thing.
  • Taking a practice exam might also help you manage your time. Set a timer and answer each question while keeping an eye on the clock.

Avoid Cramming

Your test may be affected by cognitive weariness. What factors play a role in mental fatigue? Cramming; won’t aid you in passing the exam if you overload your brain and short-term memory storage with real estate facts. If you spend 40 hours in-class learning this subject, you’ll need at least 40 hours of individual study time to master it. Learn it thoroughly.

Remember that you’re not only attempting to pass the licensing test. You’ll need to know this information throughout your real estate profession. Short-term or long-term, cramming the night before your real estate exam will not help you.

You’ll probably forget it in the near term since the brain’s short-term memory is notoriously faulty. Even if you pass the exam, you’ll wish you spent much more time preparing rather than learning “on the job” the hard way in the long run.

Make a study schedule.

You have a hectic schedule. Most aspiring real estate agents are also employed full-time. You undoubtedly have a lot going on in your personal life and attending real estate courses.

It might be tough to find time to prepare for your test when there is so much going on. You must, however, study. Scheduling study time in your daily planner is a fantastic idea.

Commit yourself to studying thoroughly to understand the content. You’ll set out your study time and be less inclined to miss today’s study session if you block up time on your schedule for it.

Take a Deep Breath

Studying without taking breaks might leave you gasping for oxygen. Make time for mental breaks when studying. If you learn for two hours each day, don’t push yourself to read for two straight hours.

Instead, devote 25 minutes to studying and take a five-minute break (grab a snack or do a round of pushups). Repeat.

Taking a study break helps your brain unwind and digest what you’ve learned. Because the brain can only concentrate for a limited time, regular intervals are beneficial.

This period varies depending on the individual’s age and other circumstances. You won’t be focused if you attempt to force it; you’ll simply look at the text. A five-minute break may help you concentrate better by recharging your brain.

Another option is to focus each small study session on a specific subject. Consider the following scenario: Concentrate on market analysis and valuation in the first session. Session 2 will focus on the property’s condition and disclosures. Brush up on contracts in the third session.

Concentrate on Vocabulary

Understanding real estate terminology can significantly assist you in passing the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam. Even if you’re unsure what the phrase means, understanding it can help you eliminate incorrect replies.

Flashcards are the most effective method for learning crucial real estate vocabulary concepts. Various services enable you to build free online flashcards if you accept technology.

If you prefer not to use technology, you may make flashcards the old-fashioned way. Consider utilizing spiral-bound index cards to store your flashcards in one spot.

Find a Study Buddy

Studying by yourself might be tedious, mainly if you concentrate better when surrounded by people. Join forces with a fellow realtor hopeful to make learning more fun and interactive, once a week, come together to work on the areas where you need the most excellent support. Share study materials and bounce ideas off one other. Who says you have to limit yourself to just one study partner? Convene a small study group in a nearby coffee shop.

The connections you make with these people will pay you in the long run. It’s all about networking in real estate, and it’s a brilliant idea to get a head start on that today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which state has the most straightforward real estate exam?

Our research shows that Massachusetts is the best state for Real Estate exams in America.

Is there a limitation regarding how many times I may take the Massachusetts state salesperson license exam? 

Within two years of the completion date on your educational certificate form, you must pass all Massachusetts real estate license test components. Otherwise, you may repeat the test as many times as you like. The charge for a retake is $54.

Is the Massachusetts real estate examination available online?

Yes, the Massachusetts real estate course is available online. The State licensing exam is also available online.

In Massachusetts, how much does a realtor earn?

In Massachusetts, the average annual compensation for a real estate agent is $89,083.


In conclusion, real estate exams tend to be quite tricky. But with the above highlight on which state has the easiest real estate exam, this will be relatively easier to handle.

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